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Monday, April 25, 2016

Located in BGC's Bonifacio High Street Central, MANGO TREE is definitely an eye candy inside and out. The interiors transports you to a different place. It's like being in Thailand all over again.

Since the THAI just celebrated the SONGKRAN FESTIVAL, MANGO TREE saw it fit to celebrate it with their version of a THAI STREET FOOD FESTIVAL.
Until May 15, MANGO TREE is dishing out different street food dishes that Bangkok is known for.
Right from the get go, CHEF PRAPUN SAMPUNGPONG, the new executive chef of Mango Tree started with a little demonstration of Thai MANGO SALAD.
With a mix of spices, the mangoes are both sour and sweet. This would really wake up the senses and get your tummy ready for the food ahead.
Just as the kitchen rolled out the different dishes, they served buckets of SINGHA. This particular Thai beer is light and partners well with the dishes.
At first glance, I was dumbfounded with the fries. Once I had a mouthful, I understood. The Tom Yum fries works. The flavor is but a hint.

The next dish was a pleasant surprise.
The Larb Pla Meuk or Spicy Squid salad just had the right kick and bite. It wasn't super hot. Pretty good and actually refreshing.

For another healthy dish, you could try the SALMON SKIN CRISP. Like chicharon, each bite is crunchy with a little bit of meat. Perfect with a cup of rice.
For someone that likes a classic, the CALAMARES version of MANGO TREE is crunchy and goes well with the sweet spicy sauce.
A crowd favorite, the TOM YUM CHICKEN POPPERS is a must. Crunchy exteriors and moist and tender inside.
The Pork Dynamite is familiar yet different from most pepper dishes. A mixture of ground meat is injected into the pepper. It's not spicy but just right.

Thailand is a country known for their noodles. That time, two of their best sellers were presented.
The Goong Phad Wonsen or Stir-fried Glass Noodles looks like your normal pansit. It is actually sweet and the shrimps were cooked with an egg coating. A similar version to Pad Thai, the PHAD SEE IW GAI is a savory dish that had bits of chicken. The pork floss on top gave it a nice bite and the flat noodles work.

Thailand is also known for their dessert. At Mango Tree, they have a lot to offer.

The MUN CHEUM is a deadly dish. It is sweet casava topped with coconut milk.
Right for the weather, they also offer a THAI HALO-HALO. Sweet and refreshing.
One of the best ever things that THAILAND has produced is the STICKY RICE with MANGOES.
Reminiscent of BKK, the sticky rice is authentic and definitely a must try every time you would visit MANGO TREE. The mangoes are a treat and yummy. Alongside the sticky rice, the coconut sauce isn't overwhelming and just right.
The THAI STREET FOOD FESTIVAL in MANGO TREE is up until May 15, 2016. The different dishes serve are quick pick me ups to satisfy your THAI FOOD CRAVINGS.

Bonifacio High Street Central
Bgc, Taguig, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: was invited to this event. wrote this based on my experience
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  1. Yum! Thai food tastes so remarkably different from other Asian cuisines. These dishes look very colorful and I'm sure they're delicious. Why only until May 15?? :) The noodles look appetizing.

  2. yeah... the food at mango tree is pretty good. Thai food = love.