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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Deep Fried goodness. That is how I would describe CHIBI'S KARAAGE. This quick snack is pretty much straight forward and delicious.
 Their 3rd branch already, CHIBI'S KARAAGE opened up in SM NORTH EDSA. After their successful stint down south and in Sm Light, they opened a simpler version here up north.
 The store is small and is basically a place to get your take out. Although they do have chairs and tables, this would only accommodate around 8 at most.
The Original Spice is basically the base karaage. The chicken is served tender moist and crunchy on the outside. This would go well with rice.

 For people on the go their KARAAGE (90/120Php) would be perfect. You get to choose from their flavors and they serve it in paper cups. Neat. My pick among these 4 flavors would be the Takoyaki and the Mentai Mayo.

 The takoyaki reminds me of the japanese snack while the mentai mayo is pretty good as well. The Yakult Yogurt had a somewhat garlic flavor and the Rayu was a little bit spicy.
Another quick snack that you may want would be the YAKISOBA (90Php). A little bland for my taste but you can't beat it for the price.
For a full meal, you can opt for KARAAGE BENTO or one of their NORIBEN. Noribens are actually bento like meals that has a choice of meat viand with nori on top of the rice. I must say that the rice is of high quality. Partnered with a side of tamago and even fish cakes would make this a nice treat. Priced at less than 160Php, this is an affordable quality meal. You could pick from their seafood, mixed, nori gyu and even rosu.
 For a classic though the Karaage bento is a top pick. I enjoyed eating this. The side of edamame, hotdog and pickled veggies works well.
CHIBI'S KARAAGE is a nice small hole in the wall located in the SKY GARDEN AREA of SM NORTH. Near the Annex side, this is value for money. Cheers

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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes here.
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