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Friday, July 29, 2016

 With the success of the WOLRD STREET FOOD CONGRESS 2016 (read about it here.). Celebrity Singaporean Foodie KF SEETOH brings the SINGAPORE to MANILA. You guessed it, MAKANSUTRA is COMING TO TOWN.
 Seeing how Metro Manila is ready for the next big thing, KF SEETOH can"t help but promote HERITAGE STREET FOOD CULTURE. With foodies wanting more and more, he is bringing MAKANSUTRA to MANILA.
Here are the must ask questions, answered.

WHEN WILL IT OPEN? Sometime in SEPTEMBER, MAKANSUTRA MARKET will open in SM MEGAMALL. The place will be operating from 10 am to 10pm making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.
PRICING? Dishes would be priced at around 100Php to 200Php making them affordable and accessible to the local market. Except for seasonal seafood like crabs and deep-sea fish item, diners would be able to get a heavy meal at around 300 Php per person. Not bad if you ask me.
WHAT WILL BE SERVED?  60 dishes from 12 different stalls would be offered to the hungry guests. The dining public can expect braised duck, bak kut teh or pork rib broth and even the famous GEYLANG CLAYPOT RICE. Halal food items would also be offered.
 HOW BIG WILL MAKANSUTRA MARKET BE? With over 14,000 Square Foot in SM MEGAMALL, it can sit around 500 people and has a couple of private dining areas good for 35 people each. This would make it an ideal place to enjoy street food goodness. 

World Street Food Congress 2016 Manila

Ortigas, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: this is a press release. Photos are owned by Makansutra.
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