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Thursday, August 4, 2016

LANDERS SUPERSTORE seems to be the only legit competition to S&R Shopping in the market. Even if Landers has only one functioning venue and some more in the pipeline, a visit can convince any shopper that they have the potential to rival other superstores in the Metro.
Located along EDSA BALINTAWAK on the northbound side, Landers Superstore occupies a huge lot that can accommodate a huge number of visitors. Here are 5 reasons as to why you should visit LANDERS SUPERSTORE.
1) Acquiring Membership is fast, easy and is currently discounted. Membership is currently being offered at a discounted rate. This is really advantageous to people near or pass by this area.
2) You get discounted gas and diesel for your car. As a member, you may avail of gas from their very own CALTEX Station inside the compound. Here, gasoline is discounted at 2Php per Liter while diesel is minus 1.50Php per Liter for members.
3) More than just a store, LANDERS also has a barbershop. Talas Manileno would gladly be the "spa area" for the guys. Waiting husbands and even children would love to get pampered while their significant others go around and shop at Landers. This is a very wholesome approach to lifestyle. Being able to anticipate the needs of the shoppers and visitors. 
4) Landers has a more upscale waiting area that doubles as a pit stop for shoppers. Visitors are able to partake different dishes and drinks from DOPPIO (coffee shop), Dough and Co (Bakery) and Landers Central.
Dough and Co is more than just a bread factory. It also offers different pastries such as macarons and other sweet delights.
DOPPIO makes delicious coffee. Here, guests are able to pick different types of drinks and partner them with cakes. Ice cream is also on the menu.
Landers Central would be the perfect place to get delicious dishes after or before shopping. Pizza is served by the slices and they even have awesome Hotdogs. If you want to have a fuller meal, they offer roasted and deep fried chicken too.
5) Shoppers are able to discover and buy imported and local products that are not usually in the market. Some of these products are priced a little bit lower than other competitors so it's definitely a must visit. Here are some of interesting finds:

OMG'S Clusters Bouchees. There are a bit more variety here and they are sold in smaller packages.
Health buffs would enjoy this CHOCOLATE GATORADE.
Actually, drinks are abundant in Landers.
 Bundaberg drinks and other flavored colas are being offered.
There are a number of President's Choice products on the shelves as well.
Cheese lovers would enjoy the decent number of varieties that Landers offer.
Just in case, yes they also have BRAGG'S Apple Cider Vinegar.
Aside from imported items, LANDERS also support the local market.

Delimondo which started with corned beef is also there to promote other products. A crowd favorite, Landers has tubs of chicharon or Pork Rinds.
Aside from these food finds, Landers has an electronic section, appliances, sports section, and even some clothes and apparel. 
LANDERS is a welcome alternative to the usual stores the public visit. Time can only tell if they could be a true competitor in the SUPERSTORE business.

"Currently, LANDERS SUPERSTORE is running a membership promo that gives you 20% discount on all membership fees. With this, Premium or personal membership fee is now yours at P640 only and P320 for the extension. While Business membership is at P800 only and P320 for the extension."

1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson,
Quezon City.
Northbound on Edsa.
Soon to open Landers Otis at 1890 Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.
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  1. There's an S&R in balintawak too and that's i can really. The Sanders though looks more posh and seems to offer more to its shoppers. I'd die for that mozzarella, i love that cheese!

  2. Yeah actually Landers is just roughly 5 minutes away from SNR in balintawak. It's newer and yes I have to agree a little bit nicer. Cheers.

  3. looking forward here in muntinlupa along daang hari...they offer 50% off in membership fee...cheers..

  4. There are a couple more new landers superstore popping up :) cheers