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Monday, August 29, 2016

Serving amazing dishes for the longest time, FAT in BGC'S Burgos Circle area can be one of your comfort food go to places.

Having a simple and clean vibe, the restaurant is quite homey and perfect for a small gathering of friends and family. One thing to remember, FAT doesn't believe in MSG. They wish to serve dishes through the natural way. They want the flavors to come alive.
One dish that made FAT famous would be the GREEN TEA CHICHARON (190Php). The Pork Skin was stretched to its limits to make this huge chicharon. Made in house, it is guaranteed fresh and crunchy. Served with Honey, Vinegar, Pickled Vegetables and Green Tea Salt, guests will be able to try different flavor profile of this pork rinds. They suggest mixing the vinegar and honey to make the sweet and sour taste pop out.
Another deadly yet invigorating dish would be the BONE MARROW SISIG PLATTER (395Php). The perfect way of eating this would be to use the bread as a vessel to put everything together. Butter it up with the bone marrow. Then, place some sisig on top. The Tomatao Jam would be able to give it a bit of sweetness.  
The FAT SURF n TURF (500Php) is a crowd favorite. Sous Vide Hangar Steak with Prawns and vegetables. Served with either rice or tortilla wrap. Even if the steak served was not the best cut, you would appreciate the sous vide. This enables it to make the meat more tender. Once you wrap everything together, it seems that you have that soft taco that you can't get enough of.

One of FAT'S newest item would be the SALMON BURGER (490Php)
Made with 100% Salmon, the patty's goodness can't be denied. Emmenthal, gruyere, red onion, wasabi mayo and balsamic cream. This is one of their "healthiest" dishes. The patty is made without extenders. Mixed with just a small amount of seasoning, the flavor is brought out properly.
For dessert, the PEACH PANNA COTTA (100Php) would be your best bet. Grilled peach served with candied almonds and sugar tuile.  It has the right amount of sweetness to end the meal.
FAT RESTAURANT has promos for everyday visitors. 
Monday: 20% OFF on a minimum food bill of Php1,000
Tuesday: Pasta Frenzy, 20% OFF on all our new pasta dishes
Wednesday: Seafood Wednesdays, P100 on all seafood dishes
Thursday: Poultry Fiesta
Friday: 1 free local drink when you order either the Butter Poached Salmon or Surf N' Turf
Saturday: Meat Mayhem, 20% OFF on all meat dishes
PokemonGo: 15% OFF on a minimum food bill of P500 for all Pokemon trainers (applicable everyday)

Forbes Town Center, 
29th Street Bonifacio Global Center,
Taguig, Metro Manila
Closed on Sundays

Pro tip: Play Pokemon Go! They have 15% off daily.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the dishes at FAT.
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