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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

There comes a point in time that diners would always go back to their favorite restaurants. It can't be always something new. At BURGER JOINT, they try to create different dishes to lure guests back. Mixing old with new, it all works out.
 BURGER JOINT is located in SM PASIG along C-5 road. Just across Tiendesitas, the restaurant is just a small hole in the wall perfect for hungry shoppers.

 One could start off with some delicious milkshakes that the kitchen has prepared. It could be a brownie filled chocolate version or even a red velvet. Thankfully, it isn't overly sweet.
 For starters, one could go for their LOADED NACHOS. This snack is topped with every topping you would want. To give it a more refreshing taste, they even have watermelon cubes on top.

 Another must get dish would be their CLASSIC BUFFALO WINGS. The wings are covered with delicious sauce. The chicken has properly absorbed the flavor. Eating this with bare hands would be awesome. Better, they give you plastic gloves to eat them without the mess.
 Burgers are the bread and butter of BURGER JOINT. Being able to make everything in house makes the flavors pop out more. Cheese lovers would enjoy the JUICY LUCY. Cheese is stuffed into the burger patty to ensure there's that salty flavor in each bite. For guests with huge appetites, they could go with the WTF. A behemoth of a burger. Bacon, cheese and everything you would need for that protein loading bite.
 For something a bit smoky, the SOUTHWEST BBQ would be your bet. Once this burger is placed on your table, you can't help but feel your mouth go wet with anticipation. It's like having a bbq fiesta in your mouth. Delicious.
BURGER JOINT in SM PASIG serves delicious burgers at affordable prices. Being able to dish out no frills dishes makes visitors come back for more.

Burger Joint in Pasig

C-5 Pasig
Near Tiendesitas

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out this place.
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