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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Something has changed. Something new has come to MARCO POLO MANILA. A new Chef De Cuisine has arrived.
Once you enter CUCINA, there seems to be something different. A breathe of fresh air seems to engulf the place. Meet the new CHEF DE CUISINE, GIUSSEPE RIVOLI. A native of ITALY, Chef boasts of an incredible culinary career. He is very familiar with Asian flavors as he stayed in different parts of Asia. He has headed a number of kitchens and could definitely cook to perfection.
As such, a number of his signature dishes are on display in the buffet spread of CUCINA.
CUCINA is known for making great use of fresh products and being sure of the sustainability of the ingredients. Here, you are assured that everything is delicious and well cooked. Chef GIUSSEPE takes advantage of this in his dishes.
Showcasing his cooking skills, SIGNATURE dishes were brought out. Special mention would be the BEEF CHEEK. It was partnered with couscous and created this wonderful feeling in your mouth. Slow cooked and definitely from the heart. It's like how our parents would make it. The dish reminds you of homey experiences. Delicious.
Perfectly done, the OSSOBUCCO A La MILANESE with Yellow Polenta was another dish worthy of a second serving. The sauce created a flavor that sips into the meat. The polenta is the perfect bread to scoop the sauce of the ossobucco along with the bone marrow.

One thing that meat lovers would enjoy would be the PORK BELLY. Crispy skin and deadly meat. Sliced into huge bite sized pieces, you could go back for more.
To balance out the flavors, the BAKED SALTED FISH is something that you could have. The fish got the flavor of the sea and is soft from end to end.
The pig was stuffed with more pork belly and a lot of spices. Making each bite flavorful and delicious. The skin was heavenly and the meat tender.

For drinks, you can't go wrong with MARCO POLO'S ICED TEA. Not too sweet and just right.
Congratulations to MARCO POLO ORTIGAS for having a new CHEF DE CUISINE. Great Job Chef GIUSSEPE.

MARCO POLO: The in depth staycation guide.

(02) 720 7777
Meralco Avenue, Pasig City,
Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Was invited to this event. Wrote this based on my experience.
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