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Monday, September 26, 2016

 By now you must have heard, I am indeed handsome. Fine, cute is a more apt term. At HEY HANDSOME, they really mean what they say and deliver. Serving PERANAKAN CUISINE, It has captured the hearts and the taste buds of the foodie scene in the metro.  Thus, making it the MUST EAT PLACE this year.
You may ask: " What is Peranakan Cuisine?". Before that night, I had no inclination that there was a word as such to describe food. Apparently, it has stemmed from the dishes served in Malaysia, Singaporean and Indonesia.
Currently, HEY HANDSOME can only serve dinner as the preparation and detail they give into each dish takes a lot of time. When one gets in a bit early, you get to see the magic happen. The kitchen is open and one of the most coveted area to stay at would be by it. You get to observe how they cook the dishes and see different techniques that could make you say, "why didn't I think of that?".

One of the people behind HEY HANDSOME is CHEF NICCO SANTOS. This guy is no stranger to delicious dishes. Being able to create YOUR LOCAL, you get to tell yourself, now I see. He loves his flavor and wants it to give you punches after punches. Never ending and different profiles all in a swift motion. A bite is all it takes and you are swept in.
For appetizers, they call them SMALL PLATES. These dishes aren't really tiny but the flavors pop up with each spoonful.  SOFT SOFT TOFU is bombarded with bonito flakes and has century eggs mixed in the fun. LAAP PHET is your minced duck with deep fried egg. When you mix everything in your mouth, everything bursts in one glorious fashion. Very very strong flavors one after another.

If there was only one starter to try, it must be the FRIED EGG SALAD. Ground sausage is mixed with crispy fried egg. One order is not enough as egg lovers would enjoy this tremendously.

The use of herbs and spices seems to be the main focal point to make the dishes come alive. One of the herbs would be GALANGAL. This BLUE GINGER is also called THAI GINGER. It doesn't tastes like it but once you get to try the dishes, you'll be thankful this was in the fray. Furthermore, Southeast Asian flavors takes us on a roller coaster ride. Up and down with a bit of left and right. Giving you a bit of surprise.

Right off the bat, the menu lists only a handful of main dishes. Each one with great profile and characteristic. For guests that would like something safe, the BEBEK PENYET or deep fried white pekin duck would work. A bit of nasi ulam or steamed rice with herbs, on the side and you are good to go.

Going a bit on the wild side, the BUAH KELUAK gives you a bit of sambal and danger. This dish uses the nuts from the PANGIUM EDULE or KEPAYANG TREE which is naturally poisonous. Thankfully, a process is done so as to remove the danger and to produce this delicious dish.
THE BEETROOT PANEER is a winner for both vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. Paneer is basically cheese that is wildly used in Indian cuisine. Some could mistake it for tofu because of the consistency and texture but this is definitely cheese. Here, it is mixed with beetroot and is given a dose of quinoa. Special mention must be given to the pappadum. The crunch is there and there's a sweet touch.
Giving you a bit of familiarity, the NASI LEMAK is for fish lovers as well. Seabass is used and partnered with pickled egg and brittle. The home made brittle gives it the crunch that you would look for. The seabass is cooked perfectly. The texture is there and so as the flavor.

Another crowd favorite would be the unassuming NAM TOK. This bbq beef shortribs is pretty safe to order. The beef ribs is partnered with som tam or pickled papaya. Sort of like our atchara but a bit different in a good way.
Dessert and drinks are also well thought of in HEY HANDSOME. The bar can create drinks to your heart's content. One would enjoy the KIWI with VODKA that has bitters and lemon. It doesn't taste like alcohol so it can be pretty fun as well. Maybe, the MALIC MILK might also be your fancy.

The YOGURT is something that you could have everyday. Partnered with black sesame and beetroot, it isn't too sour nor is it too sweet. Just something in the middle.

The KUEH LENGKUAS is different. Coconut meat is mixed with galangal cream to create a play on flavors.

For adventurous patrons, the CREAM PUFF is a must. The main ingredient is durian. You won't actually smell it but once you take a bite. It sinks in. At first is seems awful. A challenge to take in. After a couple of seconds, you get to enjoy that sweet feeling.

If there was one thing to consider, HEY HANDSOME offers only a number of dishes. The thing is, this works well because all of the dishes are exceptional. HEY HANDSOME is currently open for DINNER service only with two seating. One at 6pm and another at 8:30pm. Check out their instagram account to know when they will open for lunch.


5th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City,
Metro Manila
Instagram: @HandsomeCome

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes.
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Written by Lovely

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