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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When it comes to hotel stays, brand name and reputation plays a big part. At MARRIOTT CEBU, guests expectations are always high.
As one enters the lobby, you can't help but admire the third world charm. It isn't as neutral or up to date as one would like but it gets the job done. Getting a room was a breeze even if it was 3 hours prior to official check in.

Being billeted at the club floor, one would expect that everything was taken cared off. Even the smallest details. As you enter, the room is clean and cool. Unlike other hotels, it seems that they don't give out welcome baskets or fruits. The carpeted floors made the experience a bit stuffy. The television had basic cable. The telephones were outdated and old. The sleep quality was okay. Although, there were a couple of instances that could have made it better. Turn down service was okay as they fix your bed for sleep and clean out the trash.
The washroom was spacious. It would have been better for the shower area to be separate from the tub. The toiletries were complete and were of high standards. Unfortunately, they didn't have a bidet.

As for the amenities, MARRIOTT CEBU has a pool at the ground floor. It wasn't as big as one would expect but it does the trick. They also have a gym that was satisfactory.

Location wise, the MARRIOTT CEBU is perfect. It has a special walkway that leads to the mall. Centrally placed, you could go to all your city destinations within minutes.

As for the club lounge, it seemed a bit small and could be full especially during cocktail hours.

Breakfast could be better at the in house restaurant.

They have an eclectic mix of dishes. From Chinese, Filipino, American, Korean, and different soups. They also had a vegetarian area just in case.
Even if there were a lot of choices, the selections could be disappointing for foodies. Some of the dishes seemed to be there just to get you full rather than to excite you.
The experience leaves me wanting. Aside from having direct access to the mall and excellent service from the staff, THE MARRIOTT HOTEL IN CEBU needs to upgrade its game. It fails in comparison to other MARRIOTT properties and what they have to offer. The food wasn't as great as what I would expect from a 5 star hotel and the infrastructure would and should definitely have an uplift. For the fee paid, I could have had a similar stay at a another hotel at half the price.

The PIG and PALM in CEBU

Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City,

Disclaimer: paid for my stay. wrote this based on my experience.
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