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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

There are only two things that could make me wake up early and commute. One of them is my mom shouting at me and another is great food. Believe it or not, I took a shuttle all the way to RESORTS WORLD MANILA, just to have a taste of KETTLE'S NEW MENU. Yes, the traffic and the distance was worth it.
Located on the top floor, KETTLE recently opened a branch in RESORTS WORLD MANILA'S NEWPORT MALL. A very relaxed and black and white feel, this restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy lunch, dinner or late supper.
To start, SHRIMP TOSTADA was placed on the table. A salsalicious dish, this one is served on a crunchy taco, red pepper and shrimp. It might be a messy taco to eat but it is delicious.
For something healthy, CHEF CHILOY created the PAN FRIED HALIBUT. The fish was cooked perfectly. Soft and tender. If it was up to me, I would have ordered more chorizo brown rice. That rice is just deadly.
For something on the go, you have to order the CHEESETEAK ROLL. This one would be perfect to bring to the movie. The ribeye was tender as one would expect. One thing that got my attention was the BUTTERED ROLL. IT was soft and crisp in all of the right places. Delicious.
As something that meat lovers would prefer, the STEAK FRITES hits the spot. This USDA ANGUS FLANK STEAK is served with shoestring fries and kettle steak butter. Red as one should be, the steaks would go well with rice.
The most deadly and delicious treat that KETTLE will start to serve would be the NORI FRIED CHICKEN in MATCHA WAFFLE. A Japanese style fried chicken bites is placed on top of greet tea waffle. The matcha taste is present and deliciously represented. The white miso butter on the side also had a hint of matcha just so that it balances everything out.
For dessert, KETTLE will be adding the WHITE CHOCOLATE BREAD and BUTTER PUDDING. The caramel sauce partnered well with the ice cream. The pudding has got the chewiness factor perfectly. 

"This dishes would come out this week, in all of the KETTLE branches around the Metro. "

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Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. was invited to try out the dishes.
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