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Monday, October 31, 2016

One wouldn't expect to find a hotpot place in the middle of Kapitolyo more so if it's Thai themed. SIAM THAI is the exception. It is a Sports Bar, Hot Pot, BBQ place rolled into one.
Located in the PIONEER CENTER SUPERMART, SIAM THAI has a couple of floors just for their patrons. Granted that the first floor can only accommodate a table or two, the second is where all the action happens. Once you get there, you are greeted by the friendly staff and is escorted to your table. You might want to be seated at the alfresco section since it will remind you of a garden setup. It is filled with HDTV playing different sports channels. Hence, it is perfectly fine to get an ice cold bucket of beer to go with your meal. The fact that they have an impressive line up of alcohol makes the distinction that it is indeed a sports bar. If one can't get over the humidity, they also have an air conditioned room to set you up into full foodie mode. 
The restaurant prides itself in offering THAI BBQ HOTPOT. A bronze shabu shabu pot with bbq space is brought to your table as you order a set or get an unlimited version. Priced at only 599Php, the "buffet" version is a wonderful way to get the most out of the meal as you can refill and ask for fresh ingredients to cook.
First timers need not worry as the staff will help you create wonderful dishes to the best of their ability.
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Admittedly, you might wonder why the soup doesn't taste as much as you would like. Apparently, there is a trick to this. Since you will be bbqing the meat, all the juices and extra flavor would drip down to the soup. Wait a little and you will be able to taste different flavors based on what you cooked.
Aside from that, diners are given a choice of sauces to mix and match. They could go for the sweet, sweet and spicy, and the spiciest one. The staff would suggest you try the mild sauce first so that you get to appreciate the flavors and not burn your tongue.

Browsing through the menu, one would be able to see a lot of ala carte dishes that are perfect for beer matches and can even be a meal unto itself. Since this is a Thai restaurant, a couple of their best sellers would be the PAD THAI and the POMELO SALAD. The Pad Thai is a crowd favorite. The nuts add a different texture to the noodle. It has a sweet taste that they might want to tone down though. The POMELO SALAD hands down is amazing. The ripeness of the the fruit coupled with the coconut milk makes it a joy to eat. The play on the flavor and texture is perfect.
Another dish that came highly recommended was the PANDAN CHICKEN. The fillet was wrapped in pandan leaves. They are then deep fried to create a moist and tender dish.
Dining with a few friends could give you a bit of advantage in terms of being able to try a lot. You might want to get a platter for the hotpot and bbq. Then, partner it with a couple of ala carte dishes.
SIAM THAI in KAPITOLYO is a perfect place to visit during sports event as you get to drink, eat and enjoy an amazing game.


Pioneer Center Supermart,
Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo,
Pasig City, Metro Manila

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. I was invited here by friends. Dined and paid for my meal.
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