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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

DONA ELENA is one of those brand that you will forever love. Ideal for cooking and is perfect for a healthy meal, DONA ELENA partnered with 49 B Heirloom Kitchen to create a menu like no other.
49-B Heirloom Kitchen is the brain child of Chef Erica Aquino and her family. Originally located along Scout Tobias, it now settled in its bigger home along Scout Gandia in Quezon City. Inspired by the family's collection of recipes handed down through the generations, Chef Erica knows what she is doing.
 With the help of Dona Elena Olive Oils, 49B Heirloom was able to start things off with a bang. The Grilled Shrimp on Patacones was served with chilled cucumber yogurt soup. Patacones are made with twice fried plantain slices that gives the shrimp a bit of sweet touch. The cucumber soup was refreshing.
The Olive and Chorizo stuffed Roast Chicken had a bit of Mediterranean flavors in it. The olive flavor wasn't too overwhelming that it blended well with the chorizo. It gave a different layer of flavor for the moist and tender chicken.
 Reminisce of Kaldereta, the CUBAN BEEF STEW did well to bring out the different flavors of the black beans and fried saba. Served with yellow rice, guests are delighted with each bite.
 A crowd favorite, the TILAPIA FILLET was smooth. The red onions and relish went well with the chimichurri and warm greek orzo salad. Some might be hesitant to give it a try but after one forkful, you'll understand why it can be an easy favorite.
Simple as it looks, the CHEESE PANNA COTTA is a winner. It was a brilliant stroke to use Dona Elena's Olive oil with lemon zest as a "sauce" to a delicious dessert.
" 49-B Heirloom Kitchen's Festive Flavors Holiday Menu for Doña Elena is now available to guests. Diners who'll avail of this special menu will get the chance to receive special gift pack from Doña Elena and winners will be announced 4th week of January 2017. Please note details will be announced on Doña Elena fan pages: @doñaelenacuisinera club on IG and FB. "

49B Heirloom Kitchen Reborn

146 Scout Gandia, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon CityMetro Manila
Parking is available. (632) 653 3711
Opens at 11am Closed on Mondays.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to this even.
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