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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

When in doubt, always go for burgers. At BEEFY'S NEW YORK GRILL, one can't help but check out the different dishes that they have to offer. From burgers to small plates and even delicious dessert, guests will be full to the rim.
Located in SOLENAD 3, BEEFY'S is the newest addition to a list of burger places one should give a try. Right from the start, imported beer and even local craft ones were served to get a relaxed feel.
Appetizers like the CHILI CON NACHOS and the CHIMICHURRI FRIES would be able to draw you in. The nachos are served with an incredible dose of cheesy dip. The fries, on the other hand, are prepared for bite sized appetite.
If you are up for something addicting the SPAM CHIPS and the TEMPURA BACON would do the trick.
Properly coated and seasoned, the spam chips might catch you off guard. One bite and you will be hooked. The BACON TEMPURA is dressed in such a way that it gives a bit of crunch right from the start. The bacon itself isn't too salty and is perfect for deep frying.
If in case one might want something healthy, the MRS TSO might be for you. Chopped romaine with some chopped chicken, the sweet peppers and onions works well with the sriracha dressing.
Wings are an essential part of any grill or burger place. Thankfully, BEEFY'S has a few to offer any hungry crowd.
For something a dry rub, one might go for the ALADEEN. Spiced with cumin and coriander,  one dip in the garlic cilantro cream would do the trick. The crowd favorite though would be the GARLIC SRIRACHA PARMESAN. Heavily coated with a spicy and salty dressing, the chicken's skin and meat has absorbed the perfect flavors of the cheese and the hot sauce.
Hand held dishes such as dogs, burgers and sandwiches are the back bone of BEEFY'S.
One can never deny the behemoth of a burger that is named BEEFY'S TRIBECA. Triple patty, with triple emmenthal cheese and bacon jam, this burger is a heart attack on a plate.
The beef used at BEEFY'S are US ANGUS PATTIES. As such, patrons would be guaranteed of their delicious nature.  IF one likes something of the past, the NOTORIOUS might be for you. Covered with cheese and a mix of peppers and onions, this one is a bingo.
For some, burgers are only complete if they have eggs in them. Thankfully, BEEFY'S got your back as they serve the bacon covered THE EMPIRE.
Variety is a strong suit of this restaurant. If burgers and dogs aren't for the guests, they also have sandwiches. Pork lovers would enjoy the HOGBOY. Pulled pork is served with chimichurri and some cole slaw.
If there was one sandwich to try, it would be the TSO FRIED CHICKEN. Squeezed between toasted bread, the chicken fillet is deep fried and accompanied by cole slaw and the special sauce.
Hands down, for a rice meal, the TAPA is perfectly done. In house bacon were cured and molded into becoming serious TAPA. One would wish that they sell this in the supermarket after one bite.
Sweet endings are tastefully done with S'mores, Bananacotta and the Waffle. Classics that are well received and definitely a must to finish the meal.

Solenad 3, Nuvali Santa Rosa.
Tagaytay Road, Don Jose, Santa Rosa
Exit via Sta Rosa/ Eton then go towards Tagaytay.
Once you see the Nuvali sign on your left,
turn left.  Go a few meters and you will be greeted by a parking lot on your right.
Park there and enjoy the adventure.
P.S. As of now, it's still free parking.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this restaurant.
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