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Monday, November 28, 2016

It was as if I was a kid again. A playground for the senses, VICTORIA COURT'S SPACE WARS themed room definitely hits home. The iconic line "IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY", started to blow into my imagination. I felt giddy and excited all in one go.
With the anticipation of the upcoming STAR WARS film, ROGUE ONE, patrons of Victoria Court queue over this MILLENIUM FALCON look alike.
Right from the get go, a futuristic garage would greet guests. The anteroom upstairs was designed as if you are in the armory. Blasters are on standby and even a couple of Jedi cloaks are prepared. Some role playing might be in order as these props are removable and maybe borrowed. 
Moving into the main room, an automatic door would suddenly open for you. There is a spacious floor area where tables and chairs may be set up. Perfect for a small gathering, a huge flat screen tv doubles as a karaoke  machine. A luxurious jacuzzi is situated right in the middle.

On the right side sits the iconic cockpit. Surrounded by a couple of lcd monitors and blinking lights, it's as if you're getting ready for something special. Aside from being aesthtically spot on, the knobs are functional. Some would play sound bites while others serve as light switches to different areas of the room. The chairs are also ergonomic and comfortable. A noteworthy function of this cockpit would be that it actually moves. With the right amount of forward thrust, guests could steer it up and down.

The bedroom has its own charm. As if situated in one of the outer galleys, stars serve as the nightlight. Comfortable and relaxing, one can't help but take a quick nap. There are a couple of easter eggs that some fans would find charming. A life sized poster of Boba Fett and the frozen Han Solo are there to be discovered.
Aside from different themed rooms, VICTORIA COURT wants to invite guests to try their new dishes.
 For something light, SISIG TACOS are a great bar chow. Crunchy and a bit oily as they are, an alternative would be the TOFU.
These dishes would go well with a couple of ice-cold beers. Their Japanese flavored dog is another snack that is a must try. Topped with nori and other seasoning, the dog is flavorful and reminisce of a Japanese snack.
 For something to share, the Daddy’s BBQ Pizza might be your best bet. It has a crunchy base and has a smoky taste.
Aside from the classic favorite crispy pata, the SIZZLING BULALO might be able to tempt you more. Served with rich gravy, the meat is tender and delicious. It is perfect to go with a cup of rice.
Gone are the traditional notions that VICTORIA COURT is just a love motel. This is a creative alternative venue to host a party or even a corporate event. The quality of food was ramped up and the service definitely spot on.


This article was re-published in
ABS-CBN.COM with permission.

wrote this based on my experience. was invited to this event.

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