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Friday, March 31, 2017

When one hears the word toast, one can't help but think about whether it's in a celebratory nature or the breakfast kind. At TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN, its the former. Here, they honor different Asian cuisines with the right pairing of drinks.
Located in Ayala Malls the 30th, TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN and TASTING ROOM could be the ideal place to hangout and enjoy. To start one might find the GYOZIG or their version of the sisig gyoza and the Slow Cooked Pork Buns as excellent choices.
Not just that but TOAST also offers yakitori. It's served with either a soy flavor or a lightly sweeter version in the form of teriyaki. Favorite choices would be the shrimps and the chicken wings. On the side, there's garlic and sweet and spicy dipping sauces.
The meal hasn't really begun. Let's just say that all those were just there to entice the palette. A Chicken and Pomelo Salad was thrown in the fray signaling that more things are to come. This is a mixture of grilled chicken and fresh pomelo tossed in salad greens drizzled with coconut vinaigrette dressing.
To warm the stomach, the BLAKSA or Toast's version on the classic Singaporean Laksa was placed on the table. There's a bit of twist here as squid ink was poured on top to enchance the coconut broth. End result would be something richer but not too spicy.
Something to indulge on still would be the TOM YUM MEATBALLS. Here, pork meatballs are flavored with tom yum spices and smothered with its sauce and melted cheddar cheese. It's a bit spicy but perfect to go with any cold drink.
Then they started to bring in all the big guns. A must get would be the WAGYU BEEF with CHINESE BROCCOLI. The stir fried wagyu cubes works extremely well with the teriyaki sauce. To no suprise, this would signal the start of a need of an extra cup of rice.
Speaking of carbs, the Longganisa Pasta might be a better way of spending those points. Instead having just plain rice, this pasta could add more flavor to your meal.
I don't usually do this but the next few dishes would be excellent mains to get. They are perfect to share (or not) to your friends and family. These are definitely crowd pleasers.
Although considered as a small plate dish, the THAI BASIL CHICKEN POPPERS are just delightful. Bite sized chicken pieces that were deep fried. Nuoc mam sauce is used and fresh basil was added to get a sweet and savory finish.
One might say that it would be an overboard to get the CRISPY PORK KNUCKLES and the TWICE COOKED PORK with SALTED EGG FRIED RICE together. On the contrary, they are perfect with one another. The Knuckles are sous vide and boneless. Making it very easy to eat. The Twice Cooked Pork was seriously good. The Pork belly was braised and seared with honey and garlic. Adding the salted egg fried rice just made it more deadly yet spot on.
A definite classic the HAINANESE CHICKEN is smooth and tender. The sous vide chicken is not bland nor is it lacking. There's a savory part that will never go wrong with the rice. Speaking of the rice, it must not be shared.
TOAST ASIAN KITCHEN and TASTING ROOM is a place to enjoy an afternoon or night away. Cocktails and drinks were tailored made to partner with the dishes. Aside from that, they have an excellent list of bottled beverages that would ensure a night of destressing and relaxation.

30 Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
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Written by Lovely

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