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Friday, April 14, 2017

 Filipino cuisine has never been this good. Come APRIL 17-21, Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou would be presenting CUSINA NI LOLA in the Pacific Lounge's Buffet in Pan Pacific Manila Hotel.
In line with the recently concluded Madrid Fusion's Flavors of the Philippines, PAN PACIFIC pays homage to the rich culture that Filipino cuisine has. More than just serving the usual dishes, different creations were presented and were a step above the norm. A feast for the senses, you won't be able to see and taste the quality anywhere else.
Appetizers would differ from Kinilaw na Tanigue to Chicharon bulaklak and even Lumpiang Sariwa. Each is delivered simple and filling. The Tanigue, which is similar to ceviche, uses vinegar as a cooking agent making it an eye opener. The Chicharon bulaklak is not your ordinary crunchy snack. Made from pig mesentery, it should be treated with reverence.
The main courses include a number of dishes that would be found in your grandmother's repertoire. Since Chef Tatung just launched his new book all about rice, it is but fitting that he showcase some dishes related to it. Here, we could see the BRINGHE. A sticky rice mixture that is similar to the paella. This version has a coconut flavor that works well with the different toppings.
A bit different would be this Adobong Ilonggo Chicken. According to the chef, this one is the traditional version of adobo. Soy sauce wasn't the main ingredient. Rather it only came about at the turn of the century.
Furthermore, it would be noteworthy to try out the Tinuktok and the Oxtail Kare Kare. The tinuktok is ground pork wrapped in taro leaves. His version has a sour note and some coconut hints. The oxtail kare kare is made not with the usual peanut butter but with ground roasted nuts. It's rarely seen nowadays but this used to be how it is cooked by our ancestors.
Other stations to visit would be the soup and the grilled station. For the soup, they offer bulalo and sinigang. Guests have the option to mix and match the ingredients they prepared beforehand. Then, the staff cooks it for you right there and then.
The grilled station would offer some barbecue selections as well. Chicken or pork was marinated with a mix of classic flavors. One could also choose from an array of seafoods to be grilled. Here, they could pick different sawsawan or sauces to create an ideal flavor.
If that is not enough, the crispy pata and the stuffed pork belly would be waiting for you. Crunchy skin and a moist and tender meat would be present in each bite. Chef Tatung definitely showcased Filipino talent with this buffet curation. No wonder that he was one of the few chefs that were invited to speak and demonstrate at the Madrid Fusion in Spain.
Pegged at Php 1,000 per person, PAN PACIFIC'S buffet spread is affordable and delicious. Only for a limited time, this one is definitely worth a try. Furthermore, the view from the 21st floor is also a welcome gift for the diners.

Adriatico cor Gen Malvar
St., Malate, Manila
(632) 318-0788
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Written by Lovely

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