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Thursday, June 1, 2017

 With the fourth installment of the World StreetFood Congress, one has to wonder what is happening and why all the buzz. Now on it's second year in Manila, the WORLD STREETFOOD CONGRESS 2017 is happening in the MALL OF ASIA CONCERT GROUNDS in PASAY, METRO MANILA.
 Opened just yesterday, the event would last until SUNDAY. This 5 day massive food congress is actually divided into different talks, food demonstrations, and one huge jamboree.
 To start the 5 day affair, a skit was presented to signal the opening of the event. CHEF SAU, KF SEETOH and representatives from the DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM and SM MALL OF ASIA were on stage to officially kick off everything.
 With the theme RE-IMAGINE POSSIBILITIES, discussions on how STREET FOOD has been going on in different parts of the world were presented. Some updated on how things evolve, while others talked about passages of laws to create fair treatment towards street food. We even saw ANTON DIAZ of OUR AWESOME PLANET share his ideas on food and traveling.
Aside from these, highly acclaimed chefs demonstrated different dishes on stage. Here we see, PETER LLOYD, the former executive chef of Michelin Star Spice Market, show off his take on Sticky Mango.
But enough of that, the main reason why a lot of Filipinos are excited about the WORLD STREET FOOD CONGRESS 2017 would be the different dishes they could try out at the Jamboree.
 Here, we could see 28 stalls with different dishes from 8 countries. The Philippines was well represented with 6 different regions in the fray. If you add them all up, it goes to 13 different places that would share their take on street food.
 There are a lot of foreign dishes that would seem interesting and worth a try. Even the different regions from the Philippines brought out their A GAME just to entice the guests to try them out. Here are 10 dishes to check out at the WORLD STREET FOOD CONGRESS 2017.
 1) CHEF JAYPS' CHICKEN INASAL WITH PITA BREAD. Located at STALL 15, the Chicken Inasal Pita Bread is packed with different parts of the chicken. According to Chef JP, this is his version of a nose to tail dish. You could find intestines, chicken butt, and other parts.
2) The SISIG PAELLA at the PAMPANGA STALL is a must try. Located at Stall 14, this is an iconic recreation from Aling Lucing's very first sisig. Different parts of a pig's face is used to have a spicy, roasty, porky rice dish. Packed with flavors, you could smell this dish from far away.
 3) THE NASI LEMAK from COCO KANIN. Located at STALL 8, this iconic dish is a mixture of different ingredients to give it different components. The rice is not ordinary as it is flavored with coconut. You could also find the sambal pretty good and the peanuts going well with the chicken.
4) THE ALOO TIKI from INDIA would be a foodie's choice. Different striking flavors are partnered with the potato croquette. Located at STALL 10 of MANGLA CHAAT, this dish is covered with different spices, sauces and even grapes. You should definitely get this one.
5) The SALTED EGG PORK with FRIES is for salted egg lovers. Being served at STALL 24 by SINGAPORE'S HONG KONG STREET OLD CHUN KEE, you could clearly taste the salted egg with each bite. This would go perfectly with rice as well.
6) The CURRY CHICKEN BURGER is something that you may also want to try. From SINGAPORE'S KENG ENG KEE at STALL 2, this one is a bit messy to eat but having it with your bear hands adds something to the experience.
7) PORK TROTTERS FROM MEXICO. If you're craving for something different, you may want to check out this dish from MEXICO'S PASILLO DE HUMO at stall 6. A crunchy tostadas is covered with black bean sauce and avocado, the raddish works extremely well that it gives the dish a different dimension.
8) RICE DUMPLINGS WITH CANDIED CHRYSANTHEUMUM. These mochi like dessert dish is a delicacy from CHINA. BIG BROTHER HONG KONG CUISINE RESTAURANT serves these rice dumpling at stall 19. It reminds me of the versions that they also have in Taiwan's night markets. Each bite would result into a sesame filled sticky ball.
9) PUTU MAYAM from MALAYSIA. This dish is being served at MALAYSIA'S EVERGREEN PUTU MAYAM at Stall 1. Quite similar to Filipino's Palitaw, this one has string hoppers as base. With shredded coconut and palm sugar, it is a welcome treat for anyone.
10) MARTABAK. A returning dish from last year, INDONESIA'S MARTABAK MANIS BY MR BUYUNG is still a crowd favorite. A pancake like dish that has a chewy and crispy part. With different flavors such as cheese, chocolate, red velvet, oreo, green tea kitkat, and nutella almond, it is a lovely sweet ending for any meal.

Remember, entrance to the event is at Php150 that is fully consumable. Schedule of the Jamboree would be Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 11pm while Saturday and Sunday would both open at 1pm and would close at 11pm and 9pm respectively.


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