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Saturday, July 22, 2017

 GLORIOUS BACON. Nothing can ever compete with this sexy piece of meat for breakfast. You can't deny its appeal to the senses. Smell it at the right time and you get your switch turned on.
 Some may say that bacon is bacon but still, there are different types of it. Some are mass produced while others are artisinal. Just like LOLO JOE'S BACON. Prepared with no artificial preservatives and a lot of love, you could definitely taste and feel the difference. Available at 13 Ubay Restaurant in Quezon City, you get to enjoy each bite. Being marinated with brown sugar, it could give off a bit of sweet flavor. Perfect contrast to the salt used to make this a balanced piece of meat. Just make sure that the pan is hot and you add it up. Listen to it sizzle and the result is premium art work.
 With the excess fat drippings from the bacon, one could think of so much things to do. Breakfast seems right so egg and fried rice did the trick.

LOLO JOE'S BACON is available at @LOLOJOES in IG and LOLOJOESBACON in FB. Check out 13 Ubay while you're at it.

#13 Ubay St., Sta Mesa Heights
Banawe, Quezon City.
Metro Manila

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Written by Lovely

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  1. Hey, alrght ill stand up now, get my coffee and eat a bfats, because you know what jeng? it's 7 am and i havent gotten my bfast yet. UGH! you triggered me man! Its a cool idea that left over acids from bac can add flavor in your egg. Genius!