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Thursday, July 6, 2017

A bed is very important when it comes to rest. It's where you spend a lot of time each day. At MAKATI DIAMOND RESIDENCES, they make sure that it's not only the bed that makes your stay wonderful. They have different amenities to cater to all your possible needs to have a balanced lifestyle.
As you enter the lobby, you are greeted by a high ceiling. The staff is accommodating and would help you with your luggage. Even if the residence is roughly 2 years old, it seems like they have been doing it forever. They all know how to handle every situation and could direct all your concerns.
After a quick lunch at ALFRED RESTAURANT (their in-house food and beverage outlet which you could check out in my previous post.), one could check-in. Offering a number of room categories with varying size and features, long staying guests might want to opt for the one bedroom suite. Aside from the usual hotel room setup, you have a huge receiving area with it's own sala, tv, dining table, wash area, flat top range, oven, full size refrigerator with freezer, washing machine, and other utensils, plates and kitchen tools. Furthermore, they have complimentary snacks and drinks that are replenished daily. Check out the can of TWG tea leaves and don't forget to have your complimentary TOBY'S ESTATE COFFEE from BAKED at the ground floor.
The bedroom has its own sofa and resting area. It's television also shows high definition cable. The long writing table is perfect for office work as well.
The washroom is a beast on its own. A spacious place to do your business, 2-3 people could fit in the shower area. The addition of a built in chair would make you want to take long and relaxing baths. The huge rain shower head is an added bonus.
For fitness buffs, they offer a number of equipment to use. From the stair masters to rowing machines, they have everything you could wish for. Thankfully, the gym is open 24/7 so no excuses. Plus, they have a separate room just for circuit training. The TRX studio is a must visit for resistance and core exercises.

Located also on the 4th floor, you are able to checkout the pool bar and the lap pool.

Opened at 7am-9pm, both the bar and the indoor lap pool are great places to just relax and hangout. The pool in itself is divided into two. There's a kiddie area that's around 2ft deep while the other part is 4ft deep.
After a long day, one might want to checkout the SPA. Found on the 3rd floor, this has steam rooms, showers, and private couple rooms for anyone to use.

Just in case you might have missed something important from the office or would want to print out some paperwork, the BUSINESS CENTER might be able to help.
As you return to your room, you'll be greeted by a prepared bed and a turn down service from the staff. Used towels are replaced and toiletries are replenished.
If in case you're staying the entire day in the hotel, you might be better off with having access to the CLUB LOUNGE. On the 27th floor, this offers all day refreshments from 6am to 10pm and a wonderful view. 
Come 5pm to 7pm, the lounge offers evening snacks such as hors d'oeuvre, pasta, and light snacks.
In addition to the TOBY'S COFFEE, TWG TEA, SOFTDRINKS, alcoholic beverages are served. One of the highlights would be the TWG infused cocktails.
Access to the club lounge would also allow you to have breakfast there. Avoiding long lines and cues, you are able to relax and enjoy the view with your food.
Breakfast here might seem at a disadvantage for behemoth eaters but it is filled with everything you might need. A choice of cereals is right beside the salad and fruit bar.
Sausages and egg benedicts were also present. Surprisingly, there was even a make your own laksa and taho station.
No need to worry as BACON would be forever present. Crunchy in every bite, you won't go wrong with this salty indulgence.
Having a healthy meal to start the day right. That is how MAKATI DIAMOND RESIDENCES wants you to enjoy and experience.
If you are lucky enough and have some free time, you might want to visit the 28th floor.
Here, you could check out the private cinema with your friends and loved ones.
Drinks are also served in the WHISKY and CIGAR BAR. Just beside the cinema, you are treated to a MAD MAN like joint that gives you privacy and enjoyment.
Huge banquets and small meetings could be held in the function area. Simple yet designed well, different halls and rooms are prepared for your visit.
Another first from MAKATI DIAMOND RESIDENCES would be their DINING CARD. With this, you are able to take your experience to a whole new level. Let's say, you didn't want to wake up for the breakfast, you could use this card at their partner restaurants in the area. It gets loaded every 6am the next day so it would accumulate if you don't use it. At check-in, they give you a pamphlet containing a list of restaurants and bars to choose from. Definitely a life saver for late risers and light breakfast eaters.


1229 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati
1229 Kalakhang Maynila, Philippines

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