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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Every time I would get something from the mail, I would jump for joy. It's like Christmas all over again as I get to open presents from different people I know. Of all days, today, I was able to received 3 different packages all at the same time. Interesting.
 Since the rainy season is upon us, most of us are very susceptible to the common cold. Flu virus left and right and even unhealthy lifestyle creeping in. Thankfully, ORANGES are back in season. To be more specifc #GoAussieOrangesNow are back at it again.
 Huge, plump, and sweet these babies are able to give you essential vitamins and nutrients needed for our everyday.
 Antioxidants and fiber are part of ORANGES. With AUSSIE ORANGES, you are assured of a delicious and fresh fruit for your everyday meal.
 Another package I got would be KUMORI'S SALTED CHEESE YAKIGASHI.
 Not too sweet nor overly decadent, this pound cake is perfect for coffee and tea. Granted that parmesan cheese and butter pound cake are the two fundamental parts of this Yakigashi, it's pretty much perfect for an afternoon snack.
 Last but not the least, RUSTAN'S SUPERMARKET sent over a cute and jolly plush toy. Part of their newest giveaway, patrons could collect these babies for free as each is given for every 50 stickers you get to collect. Aside from this watermelon guy, other healthy looking toys are up for grabs for you to collect.
I'm pretty much thankful that I'm able to receive these amazing gifts from wonderful brands. Thank you guys.

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