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Thursday, September 14, 2017

 When visiting a foreign country for fun and leisure, one of the most important questions to ask would be "Where to stay?".  One factor to always note would be the location of the hotel. Staying at a place just a few minutes away from mass public transportation would be ideal. When traveling to Taipei, it's always a plus to have your accommodations near the metro. As such, I had a wonderful time staying over at YOUR HOTEL TAIPEI.
 Located just a few minutes walk from LONGSHANG TEMPLE MRT, this hotel sits right in the center of Guangzhou Street Night Market.
Another thing that's going for YOUR HOTEL would be that it's surrounded by 4 different night markets. They may not be as popular and big as SHILIN and RAOHE, but these are four different streets to give you a lot of food choices and shopping time. These are: Guangzhou, Wuzhou, Huaxi, and Xichang Night Market. Guangzhou is one of the oldest in Taipei. Huaxi is a covered walkway that is also known as Snake Alley. Xichang is more for shopping, while Wuzhou has a lot of food to offer as well. When arriving between 7pm and midnight from the airport, your cab might not be able to get through because of the night market. As with any hotel that you might visit, it's always better to have a photo of it with it's Chinese name and address.
The lobby is spacious and houses a couple of computers and a beverage area for you to use. After checking in, I realized how quirky this hotel could be. Different themes for different floors and rooms.
 I was billeted at their IDELUXE room. Quite huge for just one person, this room has a high ceiling, windows, a safety deposit box, mini-refrigerator and a tea kettle for your hot drinks. Believe it or not, it has its own WIFI ROUTER for you to use. It's fast and goes around 30Mbps.
 The tub is separate from the shower area and it could easily fit a couple.
 The sleep factor was incredible. The bed was comfy and helped me rest after a tiresome day around Taipei.
 Breakfast is served in their basement cafe. Their food choices is better compared to other same category hotels that I have stayed in. Aside from the usual vegetarian fare, they make sure that there are different dishes like noodles, pork, chicken, buns, and salad among other things.
 Drinks such as: coffee, tea, juices, and even soy milk is present along with a number of bread and fruit choices.
 In the same level, you could also access their laundry room. With a minimal fee, you could use both the drier and the washer. They also offer free basement parking upon request.
 Other than my room, I was actually impressed with the others in their lineup.
 The cuts and the floor area for each room is somewhat bigger compared to the ones that I have stayed in earlier in this year. Although you might get shocked as their wash area are more free flowing and of a different structure that what you might have been used to, you'll get the hang of it.
 If you're not claustrophobic, you could get a discount if you choose a room without windows.
 Families are welcome and so as friends. Some rooms will have a double and single bed for a small family, while others have single beds we well.
When asked why the hotel name, Calvin, the head of the Public Relations had only one thing to say: "Always Yours.". The owner visualizes the hotel to be service oriented and focused on the guests. That is what YOUR HOTEL wants and is all about. 
YOUR HOTEL is located on Guangzhou St in Wanhua District, Taipei.

No 247 Guangzhou Street, Wanhua District,
Taipei 10853, Taiwan

Disclaimer:Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to stay on over.
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