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Friday, December 29, 2017

The view, the weather, and the food. These are the things that made me go to Baguio. I stayed at GRAND SIERRA PINES BAGUIO and looked for a place to have early dinner. One suggestion that popped up was LEMON AND OLIVES GREEK TAVERNA. Walking distance from the hotel, this restaurant is an overlooking spot in Baguio.
With ample parking space, this has fine interiors and very welcoming vibe. The best view though has got to be from their al fresco area. A few tables are lined up outside and would definitely make you feel like you're in another country.
To start things off, we had an order of HUMMUS (140Php). Thick dip made from chickpeas, it's pretty decent. I was particularly curious about the pita bread. It seemed that they were over done and a bit tough. Thankfully, one bite in and I realized I was wrong. These were the thicker versions. I'm guessing, they try really hard to keep the food warm but the weather just makes the food cold extremely fast.
We wanted to go for some grilled octopus but it was out of stock. Actually around 3 or 4 other dishes we wanted was not available. So, we just made do with what they recommended. Another starter, the POIKILIA (320Php) is a platter of sausages, deep fried cheese, and even a tzatziki dip.
When in BAGUIO, salads are a must. Most if not all of the vegetables that are served in the metro comes from up north. Since Baguio is closer and their climate is a bit cooler, it's here that you could check out and try better produce. We went for the L and O Salad (180/290Php). It's a mix of sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts, romaine with a honey lemon dressing.
 If I'm not mistaken, the next dish was the PASTITSIO (230Php). It's Greek Pasta with bechamel sauce baked with ground beef and pasta.
Since we were still a bit full from our lunch, my parents and brother went for a couple of SOUVLAKI PATES.
One good thing about Lemon and Olives is that you could mix and match what type of meat you may want to have on your plate. Seen on top is the chicken while the bottom plate shows beef, pork, and chicken.
Just because they thought that we still had more space in our tummy (we didn't the chicken dish and the burger were left half eaten), my parents still went for the ATHENS BURGER. It's their signature grilled beef patty. I'm pretty sure these weren't the BRIOCHE BUNS that were supposed to be served in but what the heck.
Furthermore, they have a function room downstairs and a sort of park. You could just chill and relax while looking at the view. Service was pretty good but towards the end there was a little boo boo that left a bad taste in my parents' mouth. In any case, not bad.

26 Outlook Drive S,
Baguio, Benguet 2600

Disclaimer: Paid for our meal. Wrote this based on my experience and opinions.
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