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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

 Where did 2017 go? It was like a blur to me. Just like everybody else, there were ups and downs.You won't realize it but we actually made it to 2018. 

Filled with controversy, happiness, joy, sadness, and everything else, 2017 seemed to be just like any other year. Something new and something old pops up or disappear. I think it just all boils down to how we handle ourselves and how we react to them. 
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I think it's all about making ourselves move forward. It's waking every single day faced with challenges that we just push ourselves to move and get going. 

As with the Jedi saying "There is no try only do and do not." , we just have to stand up and do what we have to. It's how we handle the different situations that makes us.
So, just keep on waking up and move forward. Eat your breakfast and enjoy the ride.
Sometimes there are days that the waves are calm or even wild. It's what we do with them that makes us. Cheers and Happy 2018!
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