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Monday, January 22, 2018

San Diego is one of the places to visit when you're in the west coast of the United States. Located in the State of California, San Diego faces the Pacific Ocean. It's known for its beaches, parks, and different outdoor activities. You could definitely find yourself roaming around for days with something new, interesting, and unique to do. More importantly visiting San Diego would never be complete without trying out the food culture. To fully see the potential and to experience this amazing place, you got grab a bite from the local food scene.  Once you have planned your vacation and booked at one of San Diego Vacation Rentals , you are all set to go and check out the city. Of course the different tourist spots are a must but going for a little bit of detour is always important when traveling. The restaurants, bars, and cafes would serve anything and everything under the sun.
San Diego’s barbecue is Texas-style, and it is hard to resist the slow-smoked piece of meat that only gets better and better. You will love the well-seasoned pork ribs with a great crust, and fall-apart juicy meat served with red rice, beans, and collard greens. Visit Coop's West Texas Barbeque for those juicy pork ribs.House-baked focaccia served with awesome sides such as gorgonzola mousse whipped and drizzled with aged balsamic or black olive pesto and bell pepper conserva. Bruschetta isn’t bread but is a meal that will keep you full for hours. You can have it with Sicilian caponata which are onion, olives, sautéed red bells steamed celery, vinegar.Head for Swami’s Café to nourish yourself with an açai bowl. The dish is sure to give you a bit of a cleanse before you head for a swim to the beach. The spacious two-story restaurant is one of the popular breakfast places, and the servers are friendly. Everything is super fresh, and apart from their famous acai bowls, they serve turkey burger, wraps, and veggie burger. It's definitely a healthy paradise for conscious eaters.
If you are looking for 100% dessert perfection, then you are sure to find it at Extraordinary Desserts. Everything they make is indeed insta-worthy, and it is sure a delight to look at as well as feast on those whole cakes, breakfast pastries, and small tarts. Having mini desserts means that you can taste more of everything. Their Blueberry Cheesecake Coffee Cake is a must! San Diego has a ton of Japanese themed restaurants that serve delicious takes on this oriental cuisine. Sushi Ota, a Pacific Beach sushi restaurant is undisputedly one of the best sushi places in San Diego. The combinations are just the beginning of a very adventurous sushi journey. One can try beef sashimi, live uni and more. The best part is that one can meet Chef Ota and watch the sushi masters at work and see how they make sushi. 
 If you're up for something hot and steamy, you might want something with soup. Enjoy Udon Hot Pot from Robataya Oton, which is a traditional Japanese Robataya that comes complete with tatami seating. You sit on the ground in front of a lowered table and get that Robata sushi served in small plates and special hot pots. The udon and pork belly hot pot is cooked at your table, and you get transported to Japan for a short while.Fish tacos are as favorite in San Diego as pizzas are in New York. moreover, if you are looking for the best fish tacos, then head for Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill. Made from fresh fish and marinated in spicy chipotle and served with corn tortillas from El Indio, the taste is simply heavenly! Enjoy them with cheddar cheese, cabbage, onions, white sauce and you can add more avocado.Little Lion is one of San Diego’s top culinary spots and serves the best waffles made from fermented batter overnight. You will love the incredibly light and crispy crumb of the waffle served with fresh whipped cream, berries and maple syrup. You can also enjoy kale salad with pomegranate seeds or a Dijon truffle vinaigrette with house-made croutons and Parmesan. If you want something unique, Cucina Urbana is famous for their Organic polenta served with Ragu. They use house-made ricotta for the pork shoulder as well as shallots, carrots, onion, garlic, chard, and beet tops. The polenta is made with milk, vinegar, mascarpone, whey, Parmesan stock, and garlic.Everything has Sriracha at Slater, and one can pick from Sriracha caramelized onions, Sriracha bacon slices, Sriracha mayo, Sriracha slaw and Sriracha drizzled atop. The burgers are simply delicious. Sriracha burger blends in the orange-colored Asian hot sauce and is served with the chain’s trademark half bacon and half-beef patties. The Sriracha burger is the specialty burger that is served here.

Another remarkable experience would be Lolliwaffles. If you want to know what Lolliwaffles are, you need to go to the Great Maple in San Diego. The breakfast menu here is indeed unique and serves Lolliwaffles which are waffles on sticks. Other than that, you can enjoy Chorizo Scramble Melt, and their freshly baked maple bacon doughnuts are simply heavenly. Plus, there is a variety of Bloody Marys to pacify anyone’s palette, and you must try their Great Maple Honey Mule and Watermelon Lemon Presse Mimosas.Getting an Italian-style coffee is just the perfect way to java-jump-start your day. Visit Caffe Calabria, which is a quaint, Italian-style coffee shop and the long line outside the café is an indication of the popularity of this joint. Every latte has a beautiful design, and they roast their own beans. Try out their range of finger foods and Italian pastries along with their silky espressos.San Diego is one part of California that's very scenic. Not just in the literal sense but also in terms of food. It's quite the place to visit.

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