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Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's the new year and because of that, I try to do something new. Maybe brave traffic and problematic ride sharing app bookings during rush hour. It all boils down to a new experience. New Year, new me. When I was invited to go to EAT 9707, I was feeling hesitant. It was in a part of Makati where I haven't been before. If you know me personally, I tend to shy away from anything Makati. If it's near Edsa, okay. But, if it's in those one ways and small back streets, I'm definitely thinking twice before going.
Yet, I found myself booking a ride. Something different I told myself. Successfully booked a grab after 40 minutes of waiting and found myself in the quieter part of Makati. EAT 9707 is actually on the 6th floor of a building along Kamagong Street in Makati. It's an open air place that shows a different view of the Makati skyline. It's more of an after work place to hangout and chill. Aside from the different alcoholic drinks that they serve, they offer a bunch of bar chows and dishes that would tickle your fancy.
Starters could either be deep friend spam musubi bites or their special nachos or a mix of popcorn nuts with truffle and honey. It's something that you can see everyday and are given twists.
Of course, they also offer MAIN EATS for guests that would like something heavier. It seems that the dishes here have some hint of Japanese influence. The Salpicao is made with Kikkoman but retains a very garlicy sauce with a bit of red wine thrown in the mix.
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There's even a SPAM TONKATSU CURRY OMURICE. It's a mix of something savory, oily, and rice that makes you enjoy your drinking session. Partner it with beer or one of their delicious and creative cocktails and you're good to go.
Grill wise, they have these Mama's Famous Pork BBQ and some chicken wings as well. Personally, I believe the Pork BBQ was heavy flavored. It would make you want to order rice and dip it in vinegar sauce just so as to balance it. Not bad just a matter of preference.
If there was one dish to get it should be the SYFU'S KATSU BURGER. One look at it and you might dismiss it as something similar to a fish sandwich from a fast food chain. How wrong I was when I took a bite into it. This burger is very deceptive. It's katsu breading and juicy meat inside. The wagyu worked well with the wasabi mayo.
There are also dessert offerings as well. Banana Tempura, Azuki Bean Waffle Sandwich, and even a Banana Rum Cake.

EAT 9707
9707 Kamagong St.,
Makati City, Metro Manila.

Disclaimer:Was invited to try this restaurant out. Wrote this based on my experience and opinions.
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