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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

 If there was one hotel buffet that I was proud of, it would be HOTEL JEN MANILA'S LATTITUDE. There has been an increased in its guests because of the quality of the dishes that it serves. It may not have a large number of dishes but it does make them so with flavor in mind. Basically, they have everything that you may want and with service in mind, they got your back.
 Checking them out on Chinese New Year was a treat. Aside from the different stations that you would see on a normal day, they made sure to have a number of Chinese dishes in the spread. Steamed whole fish and a number of pecking duck, chicken dishes, and liempo were prepared to fill up the guests' tummies.
The pecking duck was pretty good as it was sliced as you requested for it. The skin was perfect and the meat tender.
Speaking of meat, their prime rib is a must. Juicy and soft to the bones, each bite would yield a mouthful. If it's too red for you, you could ask them to sear the slice of steak to your liking.
Now, they also had a number of dumplings and dimsum and even siopao on hand. I got to say though that they're pretty good. The siopao wasn't dry and it was filled with pretty good asado fillings. Now, the chicken with lemon was pretty sweet but not overly so. It's what you could call a perfect rice match.
 Now, Lattitude of HOTEL JEN MANILA has more to offer. Daily, they change their spread to adapt to a different theme. Sometimes it could be Asian, on other days Mediterranean. So, it's basically a surprise for everyone.
Lattitude is on the ground floor of Hotel Jen Manila. It's the in house buffet restaurant of the hotel.

Different Themes
Written by Lovely

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