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Saturday, April 21, 2018

IF you go to SIARGAO, you have to try KERMIT. This has been the advice of every person I've talked to that has been to SIARGAO. That place seems to be a fantastic place to visit. Surfers, swimmers, beach junkies, and every adventurers dream is to visit Siargao. It seems magical.
Manila based foodies can now have a taste of Siargao with KERMIT MANILA opening in Makati. For the first time ever, this institution is now open in the streets of Poblacion. Located on Molino street and just a stone throw away from A Venue and Century City Mall, this house turned restaurant is quite the charmer. The ground floor is an open air bar while the second floor houses the kitchen and the dining area.
Drinks such as craft beer and even the cocktails are all reminisce of what's in Siargao. This General Luna Monkey Eagle beer has a deep IPA characteristic that would definitely work with the dishes in their menu.
For starters, one could go for their pizza. These are made in their brick fired over and are made to order. Take note though, they're still on their soft opening phase so the menu isn't as extensive as one would like. According to Gianni, the owner, they plan to add more dishes as they get used to the operations here in Manila.
Their pizzas have a thin crust that's semi-fluffy. There is a chewy bite. The cheese is wonderful and their ingredients fresh.
Pasta is the bread and butter of KERMIT. The pasta are made daily and are quite spot on.
The staff would recommend to try the Penne Al Salmone and Cream. It's salmon with cream sauce. Even if there's a slight chance that the outcome might be too salty, I will still give it a try next time around. The combination is just stellar and delicious.
For truffle lovers, the Tagliatelle alla Tartufata would be the bomb.
Topped with Parma Ham, this spinach tagliatelle is quite generous. The ham is thick and the pasta just amazing. I won't mind it being made with spinach.
There was some hesitation to order the Pan Seared Tuna. Thankfully, we did. The tuna was cooked just the way it should be. It was between medium and rare with a dash of olive oil. The capers and mangoes gave it contrasting flavors.
Kermit Manila opens its doors to the public on April 20 at 7pm. For the mean time, they'll be open only in the afternoon till night. After a few weeks or months, they will go full time daily. Welcome to Manila KERMIT.

Molina St., Poblacion, Makati,
Metro Manila

*** Parking will be an issue as this is a residential area.
*** Suggest to park at A. Venue or Century City Mall.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Visited on their dry run. The meal was courtesy of Gianni.
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