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Monday, April 23, 2018

Going back for the same old thing is not a bad idea. BUT, having more dishes and new items to choose from is definitely a welcome treat for anyone. At Discovery Primea's Tapenade, Chef Luis makes sure that everyone gets what they deserve. Damn Good Food.
Aside from the lovely and underrated SALAD ROOM, Tapenade is more than just that. Don't let the name fool you. It does have a number salads to choose from but there's also a lot of cheese, seafood, meat, and small bites.
The best way to go would be to have access to the Salad Room and from there, order mains or other dishes that might tickle you fancy. Thankfully, Tapenade has a number of new dishes to choose from.
For starters, you could go for something light. The Mushrooms, Ham and Egg is for truffle lovers. It might sound a bit weird but you'll get it when you have a go.
Angry mussels with Chorizo and Toast is something that seafood lovers would enjoy. The tomato broth used works perfectly well with the mussels and the ciabatta bread it is served with.
 For more starchy goodness, the Tortilla Menorquina would work. It's loaded potatoes that would definitely fill you up.
The Cebu Bay Scallops Al Ajillo and Toast is best for easy munching. Galicky and partnered with bread, you get to scoop scallops with oil to make each bite wonderful.
As Filipinos, we could never live without rice. As such, the Seafood Paella might be a good idea. Shrimps, squid, mussels, clams, and Mahi Mahi is tossed and turned inside a pan. Don't forget to go for the soccarat or the crunchy burnt rice at the bottom of the pile.
For something a bit different, the Risotto Al Nero or squid ink risotto would pretty much do the trick. It might be a problem if you're on a date but if that person really likes you she won't care about the stains on your lips and mouth.
Another thing that TAPENADE is known for would be their pizzas. Created fresh from their signature brick oven, there are a number of different new flavors to choose from.
One could go for the classic Pepperoni Calabrese or Mozzarella cheese with pepperoni. One might be on the edge and go for a Davao Goat Cheese version with double smoked bacon. It's really up to the diners.
Mains are an important factor of any meal. The Callos A la Madrilena is so good. I can't describe how homey it felt. Spanish Chorizo with bell peppers and garbanzos really does the job done. You have to get this with plain rice.
Don't let the ribs play a trick on you. The BABY BACK RIBS DIAVOLA is for heavy eaters. You might say that you could devour it in a flash but in real life, it is tender and goes extremely well with the grilled corn and scallions.
If you want to have a foodgasm, the PORCINI RIB EYE is a must. This baby was served all covered up with arugula, balsamic, parmigiano-reggiano and it didn't stop us from indulging. Just pure unadulterated mouth watering goodness.
Dessert is in a different level in Discovery Primea's Tapenade. Basically, classics are done right with a bit of twist that makes you crave for more.



G/F Discovery Primea Hotel
Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Disclaimer: Wrote this based on my experience. Was invited to try out the new dishes of tapenade.
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