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Thursday, May 17, 2018

If there was one Japanese food that everyone should try, it should be tempura. Breaded meat, vegetable, or seafood is deep fried to perfection. That is how they do it in TEMPURA NO HIRAO TENJIN in Fukuoka, Japan.
One afternoon, I found myself walking around the Tenjin area looking for one magical place. I have researched that it's worth the walk around and getting lost. I read that this place serves delicious tempura at very affordable prices. 
Once I found the TOHO cinema building, I went in and on the ground floor, I saw a line forming up. There's a ticket machine outside to order and pay for your desired items. The meals comes with rice already so sometimes people would extra order rice. Don't worry as they see this, they would offer to refund the ticket. In my case, it was deliberate because more rice is needed when it comes to tempura.
After deciding and buying the tempura set that you prefer, you line up outside. Once seat is available inside, you are seated in a right to left. You could get your own water and tea at the back.
It may take sometime to get your food but it is so worth the wait. I went there twice and I think going on an off hour is definitely better as you get to a seat faster and you're more comfortable. You could also hang your bags under the counter because they have hooks. Furthermore, all the seats are in the counter. If you're a big group, it will definitely take awhile.
Once seated, look at what the locals do. There's an unlimited serving of side dishes. It could be bean sprouts, octopus, and even some radish.
Once everything is set, you get a chance to watch the masters at work. With incredible techniques, they cook each piece of meat with precision. It's quite nice too that you won't smell that rancid oil. Unlike other restaurants, here, they make sure it's fresh and not over used.
Once all of my tempura was cooked, I take a quick picture and forever remember it.
Aside from the usual liquid dipping sauce, they also offer some salt based once. Traditionally, tempura is partnered with sea salt or other flavored variants.
After one bite, I was tremendously happy. I really needed the extra cup of rice as it was definitely needed.
Believe me when I say, that you would definitely use this vendo machine inside to order for seconds.
TEMPURA NO HIRAO TENJIN is currently closed because of building renovation. A different branch will open up in the same area soon. There are other branches in the Fukuoka area as well.

2-6-27 Tenjin, Chuo-ku | Tenjin Toho
 Bldg.1F, Fukuoka 812-0853, Fukuoka Prefecture

**** EDIT: 2-23-2019 ** this location is no longer operational. They opened a couple more near this place though. Please visit to check their new locations. >>> THERE'S A NEWLY OPENED ONE IN ACROS which is near Tenjin.

Here's the menu to guide you when you visit.
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  1. Hindi ako masyadong bilib sa mga dishes dito sa pinas like tempura and ramen, so being there in fukouka, i know they're legit and tastes so good!

    1. Yeah... it was truly something else. A different kind of experience. :)