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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Because I had a lot of time on my hand before my flight out of Fukuoka, I figured going somewhere unusual would be perfect. Searching the internet, I came across PORK STEAK TOICHI FUKUOKA.
A bit of a walk from the Hakata Jr Station, PORK STEAK TOICHI is best visited during lunch. They basically have a couple of things on the menu but I am getting a head of myself. 
There's no big sign of this restaurant. It's situated in a residential area. A good landmark would be that it's diagonally located in front of a konbini.
That day, I was the first to arrive and was actually early. So, I went and stayed at the konbini and had a cup of coffee. After waiting for awhile, I entered the place and saw that it had a very relaxed vibe.
For lunch, there's actually only one thing on the menu. PORK STEAK. For the price of 1,000 YEN (tax included), this was a steal.
You're actually served a salad first. Then the whole sets comes after.
The meat in itself comes not totally cooked. I suggest waiting a few seconds to complete it.

But, I like it a bit red. After a bite, I was solved. It was a great deal. Not pricey and is a complete meal. No wonder there could be a line during lunch.
Fukuoka is also home to a number of shrines. Having stayed there for almost 2 weeks made me walk around and explore the area.

Now, if you plan to go there during the cold months, you might want to have SOUP STOCK a go.
Aside from doubling as a coffee place, they offer soup and other small snacks. The soup varieties though are plenty so you can pick what's the best for you.
Don't forget to visit the POKEMON CENTER located in the AMU PLAZA HAKATA CITY.
FUKUOKA has a place in my heart. Going around and experiencing a lot of firsts is why I love visiting it. It maybe a bit laid back compared to Tokyo and Osaka, but it's FUKUOKA!

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