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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This is not your ordinary munchin. It looks normal from the outside but these donuts are different. MILKY DUST DONUTS is extraordinary. A brainchild of Twinkle Lacsamana, this is her labor of love.
Sprinkled with sugar dusting, different small balls of fun would surprise customers. Each has a filling that would make you want to eat more.
Mocha would definitely be our favorite. The mixture found inside makes it a perfect one for coffee lovers.
Chocolate tastes a bit traditional for me. The bread is soft and moist. They're pretty good as a snack on the go.
There's also a milky vanilla flavor and ube cheese. The vanilla is a little too sweet for me. The ube has a familiar cheese flavor inside it. Maybe next time, I'll ask her not to add sugar coatings so that I can eat some more.
You could check them out in instagram @milkydustdonuts . They're based in Edsa, Pasay. They currently have 4 flavors. Dark Mocha, Ube Cheese, Vanilla Milk, and Pure Chocolate.

Disclaimer: wrote this based on my experience. I ordered and paid for some of these donuts but where also given some as a treat.
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Written by Lovely

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