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Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

I do not wake up early everyday. Since I am free, I usually have an upside down schedule. I would wake up everyday past lunch and sleep early morning. Even if this is the case, I always look forward to breakfasts. Not to the waking up part but the food part!!!! Breakfast food is awesome.

In Tagaytay, looking for a breakfast place is no longer a problem. Situated along the ridge, Breakfast at Antonio's serve exquisite breakfast food!

Brewed Coffee (180 Php - refillable)

I am a heavy coffee drinker, so I started with a refillable coffee. It was just right for me and it gave me that morning kick I wanted.

I had a hard time choosing what to eat because of the wonderful breakfast selection that they had.
The menu for the drinks and food is just one page each and can be overwhelming.

Ham, Swiss Cheese and Over Easy Eggs Roesti (370 Php)

 The roesti is just like an eggs benedict but has crunchy potato layers at the bottom. YUMMY! I didn't really care that much for the panini but it was served with butter. I just love anything with butter.

Beef Tapa (485 Php)
The Beef Tapa was actually good. The beef was tender and filling. It wasn't chewy at all. I am not a baked bean eater so I gave this away. It was served with vinegar and some hot pepper for dipping.

French Toast (295 Php)

The French Toast was made of their own turkish bread with vanilla cream and cinnamon egg. It was served with syrup and apple compote. It was cooked just right. It wasn't chewy but had that bite one craves for when eating french toasts.

I got to pick a lot actually and I enjoyed each and every bite I took.

On the way out, I bought chicken liver pate and strawberry jam. They were freshly made and was wiped out by my family in less than a week.

I would go back of course. Every time I need a getaway breakfast fix and has a lot of extra time driving to Tagaytay, this is my number 1 choice.

Breakfast at Antonio's 
Tagaytay Ridge
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  1. Hi! I landed here from Mommy Jane ;) I enjoyed reading your posts. The photos made me hungry especially in this rainy afternoon. I'm backreading all your foodie adventures. Ang galing! Well written and documented lahat

    Keep writing .. and eating ;)

    1. Hi! Ms Diane! Hello po and thanks for liking them po. It was actually Ms. Jane that pushed me to start blogging.

      Thank you po sobra for the sweet words. Flattered naman po ako.. LOL! Please do enjoy the read. Maraming salamat po :D :D :D