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Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

Eating hamburgers is an excellent way to get our arteries clogged up. But what the heck, who cares. It has been a meal into itself and can be eaten in a go. Patties with the bun and all. From gourmet to fast food chains, one can see it as a part of the menu.

It was quite different for me to try something else aside from the typical hamburger we order in the everyday restaurants. In this once secret restaurant, the burgers are the main attraction. They serve it with different toppings, salad (refillable), edamame, fries and  rice. NO BUNs! Just RICE!

So last sibling's day (April 10, 2013 - yes that long of a backlog), I brought my brother with me to this restaurant.

Mango Roselle and Green Apple Soda
My brother and I ordered drinks. I had the green apple soda which was apple plus soda water I guess. It was refreshing and is delicious. When I went to the washroom to wash my hands, I returned to an empty glass. Thanks a lot bro. You sneeky rascal!!!!

Maison Du Japon (340Php)
 My brother ordered Maison Du Japon. This had melted gruyere cheese and caramelized onions. My brother finished this with much gusto and yes he didn't give me any. 
Takeshi's Castle (345 Php)
 This was my order. This hamburger had toppings that are just like that of an okonomiyaki. Since i am an okonomiyaki lover, I ate the bonito flakes and the seaweeds quickly! Just to ward off my brother from taking any !!

The burger patties were soft and juicy. It wasn't dry and small. It melted in my mouth with every bite.

Deconstructed Tiramisu

My brother wanted something else for dessert. So I asked our server for her suggestion. This tiramisu was their best seller. The hot water would be poured on top of the canister. Coffee would rush out towards the concoction at the bottom. Needless to say this was gone in about 5 minutes.

I believe 500 Pesos per person would be sufficient.The meal was filling and worth it. The service was impeccable. We were taken cared of and I love it.

Umami Hambaagu House
The Grove by Rockwell
C5, Pasig City. Metro Manila
(Across Tiendesitas)

(02) 695 3643

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