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Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 18, 2013

"Of course we need to eat early! Yes YES YESSS BREAKFAST buffet!!!! Can we eat at 930am? It closes at 10.. BITIN un! Sa labas na lang tayo kumain? ......NO !!! NED STARK DIED!!Argh!!!!!! Bahala na.. Kainis"

These were the frantic back and forth yelling conversation I had with my friends the night/morning of our vacation stay. You see we are a bunch of food buddies that we always love to eat when we go out and go out because we want to eat.

Since we were in a vacation mood, we had to make the most of our time and relax but still get our tummies much needed nutrients.

 Because of Game of Thrones,we were forced to sleep for only a few hours. We ended up waking up really early or we just might sleep in and miss our breakfast fix!
 So during our vacation last Thursday-Friday, where we went to Tagaytay's Hotel Kimberly, we pushed ourselves for an energy giving breakfast meal at Cafe at the K.

We got to the place at around 730am. There were a few tables occupied. I was happy to see that there were a lot of staff on hand numbering almost a 1:2 ratio for staff is to guests.

bacon and ham
 The bacon was crunchy. The ham, was the kind you get from grocery stores.

The cheese was cut up Kraft eden. Yes only 1 kind! Booo!

The fish fillet were soggy
There were also tocino, crushed tuna (that I think came from canned goods), baked sweet potato, garlic and plain rice.

 During our stay there, an egg station was present. A small salad bar was present  They served salad which only had 2 kinds of dressing and a few chopped veggies. It was nice to note that they had fresh greens (since they have their own farm at the back). One kind of soup. A bread (toasts only) counter with a revolving toaster served with strawberry and mango jam. Drinks were unlimited coffee and pineapple juice (the kind from a can). For dessert, they had sticky rice cakes or kakanin and some fresh fruits.

The taste was just so-so. Enough only to fill the tummy with useless calories. The service was all okay.
For the price of 545 Php per person, you decide if the food we ate was worth it.
Maybe Something Fishy was and is ultimately better for a breakfast buffet?

In hindsight, I think I should have slept in and just go straight to Breakfast at Antonio's when I wake up.

Cafe at the K
Ground floor of Hotel Kimberly
Tagaytay, Philippines

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