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Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18. 2013

"akala ko ba nagshave ka na?" Then another one said "pagupit ka na ang panget tingnan !!! " plus someone blurted out "seriously?" or was it my imagination acting up?.....

Fear the beard!!!!!
Argh.. I hate it. I do not like going out and taking a haircut. I mean, I do not want to pay a few hundred bucks just to get myself looking smart, cute, casual, and super cute. Did I mention cute? .. Yes I know right?

Ever since I was a kid, I dreaded going to the barbershop. Going here means that I would loose all my hair. My mature look would be gone and I'll be clean looking. I didn't want that back when I was a kid. I wanted to be like an adult.

Fast forward to a year ago, I still do not enjoy going to the barbershop. That is until I got wind of a new one along Katipunan.

For the love of the game

Let's face it, boys will be boys right? Then there are certain things you want to talk and chat about when someone cuts your hair. You do not want to go to a salon and having girls or uhm members of the third sex doing your do. I mean of course I have the utmost respect for their trade and craft. They have become this industries leaders but I still want a guy to do the cutting for me.

 More importantly, it is about the passion for certain things in life that make this particular barbershop my pick. That passion being basketball and a little guy talk.

You see, this barbershop is also a sports establishment. It caters to the basketball enthusiasts that need some Jordans or Lebrons and even a few jerseys. Naturally, the staff here are all basketball fans. You could easily strike a conversation about NBA, PBA and even UAAP.

From Titan's website
The Jet's Jersey Number (one of the owners)
Anyway here are the things that I liked about this store and the experience.

Small talk between the manong or kuyas cutting hair is very entertaining.
From Titan's website
 There are only 2 barber chairs available in this branch. So it can be awhile if you go during peak hours. Good thing though, they have an ipad which you can borrow to surf the net or do some candy crush. (damn chocolates). They also have comfortable sofas and a Satellite TV to watch all the basketball one wants.

What I like about the chairs is that they double as a massager. I kid you not. This is one reason why I enjoyed going here. The chairs have a certain portion that massages the back and the lower legs. It was like being massaged by 3 persons. One on your back another on your legs plus Kuya doing his thing up top.

(from Same prices with all the branches

 For only a few hundred bucks (half of what I used to pay to my old barber shop), I was able to relax for a little over an hour. I got a massage along with a haircut, shave, shampoo and even a scalp and face massage. I believe it was the Titan Special. I loved it.

Yes I know I am super cute... TOINK!

3/F Regis Center
Katipunan Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City 1108 
It has 4 other branches. Two in the Fort and 1 in San Juan and another deep in Archer territory.

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  1. Awwww! cutie patootie!! yes, i prefer the clean shave "sweet" look as well! ;)

    1. Waaaa :D That is the sentiment of all the girls in my life...hayyyy...... wahahahaha ... :D :D :D