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Friday, May 10, 2013

May 11, 2013

As I wrote on an earlier post, I wasn't the guy that would wake up early but sure as hell, I love breakfast food. It was awesome that a restaurant that serves an all day breakfast menu is somewhat nearer compared to Tagaytay's Breakfast at Antonio's. Such is the case with the Early Bird Breakfast Club.

Located in the Fort Strip, near Zong and URBN bar, this small unassuming place gives the happy breakfast vibe all day and night long. They serve excellent breakfast food. Because of this, I have been here on a number of occasions.

Vitamin C Smoothie (165 Php)
I got the Vitamin C Smoothie. It is a citrus concoction that is made fresh. It is enjoyable and refreshing.

Eggs Benedict (420 Php)
The eggs benedict was a simple breakfast classic that I adore. It is a full meal in itself. I usually always orders this when I am up for breakfast. The hollandaise sauce completes it.

French Toast Fondue (210 Php)
For dessert, I had the french toast. Not the usual french toast because one would mix and match the different dipping sauce. From cinnamon, syrup and chocolate, I just can't help but go overboard with the chocolate.

Full English Breakfast, Tenderloin Tapa, and Choco Banana Berry French Toast
On a different occasion, My friends and I ordered the full english, tapa and choco banana french toast. The full english was filling and quite different. I don't like beans so I left them alone, but the potatoes and sausage had that different kind of flavor. It stood out and had me wanting more. I just wish that the bacon was crispier. The tapa, according to my friend, was tender and yummy, but it left him hanging. The french toast was overwhelming with cinnamon powder. Not that it was a bad thing, but I didn't taste any berries in it.

The service was there. Even if they had a full house, it was easy to call the attention of the servers. Actually, they are willing to please and were refilling water even if we weren't asked for it.

Maybe a decent meal would cost around 600-800 Php per person. 

Will I go back? Of course! The only thing stopping me is that a decent meal here is that I don't have anyone to go with me. You want to come with? I just love it! 

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Unit C Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg
28th Street, The Fort Complex, Bonifacio Global City
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