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Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

Remembering the past makes one know what is in stored for the future..... And I knew when I saw the interior of this restaurant, I knew I would be in for a treat.

old school setting

My college friends and I decided to go on a Tagaytay trip to enjoy and have fun. We were supposed to have an overnight stay at one of our friend's place but I had previous engagements so I wasn't able to go with them. Luckily, I was able to join them for dinner instead. After meeting up, we went to Pamana to have our little feast.  

This restaurant displayed a lot of antique like ambiance. There were old telephones, books, kettles, radios and chandeliers.

Of course if this was the setting, we needed to order a loooooooot of food. Why? Just BECAUSE.

Water Carafe... Tasted like pandan. Actually, the pandan flavor was overwhelming.

 This beautiful piece of meat was pointing its bone right at my face. As if, it wanted me to suck all the marrow. Sadly I had one too many. My friend D, got some and from her face, I believe she enjoyed it. I guess a straw would be needed to properly suck all of the bone marrow... YUM!!!

The kare-kare or peanut based soup was a little disappointing. It tasted okay but there was minimal amount of meat in it. 

Sisig with aligue meat
This particular dish was a winner. The sisig was spicy and would be just right when partnered with beer. The aligue or crab meat was creamy and delicious. When mixed with the sisig, this would be a deadly combination. 
The laing was plain boring. It wasn't spicy. The taro leaves was a bit mashed and a little water down.. Mesa's two way laing would hands down beat this.

Crispy pata
 The pata was delicious and forever be one of my favorites. The meat was soft and tender. The skin was crunchy and perfectly cooked. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!

 The turon was another disappointment. The banana was mashed up. There was no langka or jackfruit around. The chocolate sauce wasn't helping the flavor.

Small treasure chest where the bill was placed.
 The food experience was awesome especially when you are with friends. One thing to note though, there were a lot of small flies around. The place was open air so I guess this can't be avoided. Maybe you could ask for some candles.

Pamana is located along Aguinaldo Highway
 near the Tagaytay Rotonda
On the left side when going to Batangas from Manila (ridge side)
Near Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Oh and parking could be a hustle. Be a little early so you won't be bothered with going in and out with your car when patrons leave.

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