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Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 24, 2013

Since our room had complimentary morning breakfast as part of the package, we abused it to the best that we can.

I believe that it is important to eat and get a heavy stomach every time we would go out since we would always have a full day ahead. Breakfast is an important part of the day that helps us to get all the good things in our stomach and transform them to magical energy that makes us awesome tourists!


Enter The Square...

No more people... came in at 6am.... BEAT THAT
Bread Area
Love their donuts!!!

Warm dishes on the left
Believe it or not, their hash brown were crunchy and hits the spot!!!yes better than mcdo!
Cheese platter - boring
Pickiest Eater would love this !!!

 My plates:

Started with a mix of their cereals....

Can't go on with rice alone.. so bread is a must
Eggs, sausages, ham, bacon, french toast, pad thai

Pancakes, ham, beans, potato
Yeah I know.. Too much right? NOTTT!!!

 Their breakfast buffet can't compare to Spirals but could go on head to head with Heat and Circles. Not only do they offer beef and chicken dishes during breakfast, they have an egg station and a noodle station. They can make whatever you want Also, they cater to vegetarians around with a few pasta, and yogurts around. They serve a lot of drinks also from different juices, milk, tea, coffee. Incredible....

6/F Platinum Novotel 
Right infront of their Lobby.
Breakfast buffet opens at 6am-10am.

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