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Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 24, 2013

Of course how could we judge a restaurant of a hotel if we don't try their dinner service.
This was what was in my mind when we chose to eat in The Square again for dinner. That and it was raining outside. Yeah I know.. LAZY!

They didn't have a buffet service that night we went there as they only offer it on certain days. OW WELL!!!!... 

Started with a little ginger ale...

Of course I wanted to take this home...

pad thai... LOVE LOVE LOVE
Their version of fried chicken.. wait... how come there is shrimp.. ow whatever it tastes great!!
Can you say.. CRUNCHY???
Their rice pot.... It had anchovies in it to give it a little kick.. YUMMY


 This curry was incredible. It wasn't the normal curry but it had this distinct creamy initial flavor before it leads oneself to the usual curry taste.. INCREDIBLE AND DELICIOUS...!!!!!

Who said we over ordered again... hahahahaha

Just like that, we have eaten a lot and it was that kind of day..The cost of eating this much? Around 1000 Baht only.. Really cheap for a hotel restaurant!!! That and they have a 25% discount for us.... HAPPY TUMMY!!!! EPIC!!!

The Square
Novotel Platinum 6F
Bangkok, Thailand

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