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Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

We were on vacation mode. We had tours left and right. We would wake up really early and get back to the hotel late. My brother would say "ayoko na pagod na ako", from all of the walking and intense heat we had to endure.

So one time during our visit, we treated ourselves to what else.....


I know I know... we were all tired and frankly too lazy to go down to the lobby.

So we checked out the menu...

Yes I know, Laminated Menus... hmmmm
It was so easy... just press a dedicated button on the phone and boom you're connected to their in room dining service.

Bread rolls... argh... too tough...

I could throw the bread to the wall and it would bounce back and hit me smack on my face =(

Pepperoni Pizza... CHeesssy!!!!!!

Prosciutto .... This was a winner!!!!!

carbonara.. normal pasta... 

excellent fries... bread was tough.. argh..

Okay I know we needed dessert right? So, the ever thoughtful mommy.... bought some ...

Sticky rice with mangoes... Let me just say their mangoes are extremely sweet!!!! The sticky rice is just like our kakanin but with this coconut based mixture that makes it OMG!!!!!
According to mom, this fruit looked like apples but it was guava... I know something different right? It tasted extremely sweet!! They even gave this powder that was like salt with a little pepper... We devoured this with gusto....

The pizza from the room service was excellent. The pasta and the clubhouse needed a bit more umph.... For the price we paid, I guess it was all right. Comparing it to our hotels here in Manila, I would say that it was very competitive and wasn't that expensive.

Platinum Hotel

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