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Friday, May 24, 2013

May 24, 2013

Ever wondered if the restaurants we have here in Manila are the same in another part of the world?
Well we did, so when we were in Bangkok, we tried to order the same stuff we order here in Manila.

Where? Where else but in MCDONALD's

This particular McDonald's was just located right outside our hotel Novotel Platinum . It was open 24/7. Every time we would pass by, this place was full.

Since there were a lot of people in the restaurant, we just brought our snacks to our room.
What did we ordered? What else burgers and fries. We just wanted to see if they taste different.

 Yes the ever faithful cheese burger. They have the same size... and yes boys and girls... it tasted the same. It tasted exactly the same as the one you would buy in their Katipunan branch. No difference. Not even in size.
One thing I liked about them is that they offer this bigger upsize compared to what we have here in Manila. BUT ALL THE SAME, no difference in taste and in the way they serve their fries...
ack.. costs twice as much...
I think we should have gone to another restaurant... This serves as a lesson I guess.  For the price we paid, we could have had some decent pad thai and sticky rice.

ow well...

scary eyes... hahaha joke.. ... "KOB KUN" or thank you in thai :D

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