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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 24, 2013

Going to Bangkok with no idea of what to expect is a bit problematic. I mean one would need information before doing anything. As one of my favorite lines from an old cartoon I watched when I was 12 years old, information is ammunition.

If we don't know anything about where and what we are doing, we might as well go out on the street with a blind fold right?

I searched some information on the net and based on my experience in BKK, I hope I could help you guys out.

Since we stayed in Novotel Platinum which was along Petchaburi Road, I would be concentrating there in general.

This area has all the bargain and shops to get your shopaholics in love with BKK

First off, go to a place to have your dollars or peso changed into.

Like this one..
Before that, go look around and check out other places to have your money changed. Also, don't forget to bring your passport. It is needed to have your money changed. Most of the exchange stores are closed on weekends so be prepared.

Platinum Mall
This awesome mall is incredible. It has all the latest fashion sense but with 168 mall like protocols. If you buy 1, they give it to you retail price. But, if you buy 3 or more (can be varieties), they can give you wholesale prices. Yes, you can haggle a bit.

One more thing to note, you can't fit any clothes here. They do not allow you to fit them. Don't ask me why but heck that is their policy. Also, photos are not allowed. If you really like to take one, I would suggest to ask for permission.

When you buy, don't forget to check the stuff because you can't go back and have it exchange if there are any defects.

Also, the problem here is that there are a bunch of sellers that just say "up to you!!!" and leave you. Sad that some of them aren't that courteous with their customers.  But some are happy enough and help you get what you want.

main mall of Platinum

1st floor to 4th floor are all clothes. 5th floor is all accessories. The 6th is where the food court is.

To the left of the main mall is their new building. This is where Novotel Platinum is located also.

My mom loved shopping in their newer wing. It has all the bags and the shoes a girl needs. (yes my mom is a bagaholic... don't judge her)

We were able to buy this additional luggage for only 1500 baht... how lucky right? The material used was and is worthy of using it for a long time.

don't ask why we needed another bag....

At night when the mall is almost closing, we could see street vendors around. They are in front of the mall and also on the opposite side of the mall.

There were a lot like iphone cases and bags and tshirts and a lot more.

Also infront of Platinum Mall, is Pratunam Market

Here there are sidewalk vendors and some food stalls left and right during the afternoon and night time.

novelties and souvenirs

small elephants

By the way let me just remind you.. DO NOT BUY AND BRING FRESH FRUITS INTO THE PHILIPPINES or to any home country. Do not be loured by the tour guide that would get the fruits for you. They would say anything for you to buy from them and they would even add a little something for themselves too.

Case in point, one of the Filipino Family we were with bought some. They were stopped in customs and got a huge lecturing right in front off all the people waiting to pass by customs. In the end the lansones they got, were confiscated and they wasted their money. Good thing they weren't fined or worse brought up with charges.

Other than fruits, one thing that could be bought here that are delicious and affordable are seafood products.

Of course you are going to the temple of dawn, where you would need to cross a river by a small ferry boat. To the left of the entrance of  ferry would be a lot of dry goods like chips and fishes around that you could buy up. Believe me, they are extremely cheap!! Go for it!! You could haggle a few if you are buying a lot!!!  This is near the area of the Grand Palace.

Fruits around !!! Go for it.. they're sweet and cheap!!

According to my mom, some of the stuff they sell are almost half the price of the stuff we get here in Manila. So go for it.

tuk tuks

The tuks tuks are a huge tourist trap. Do not ride one if you are not from there. They are not regulated and thus you need to bargain with them. Worst, they might say, the place that you are going to is close and would bring you to a far away place that would charge you a lot. Better go with taxis but you should ask them to use the meter. Do not bargain and make a deal because most likely you would be ripped off.

You could ask your hotel staff to write down where you want to go and also the address of your hotel so you could get back.

Another trap would be when a person goes near you and talks to you in English, they give you a story and you get hooked. They say that they can get you access to a temple for a private tour or even a a classy restaurant. The transportation is free and already paid for. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE JUST WALK AWAY!! If you don't do it in your own country, then please do not fall for it here.


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