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Monday, May 27, 2013

May 24, 2013


I am sorry, I did not do any shopping. No clothes no souvenirs only food. Yes I guess that is my calling! Food is something that gives me a reason to stand up and walk all the way to the kitchen and cook something up. This was the exact reason why I accompanied my mother to Platinum Shopping Mall.
I left her in a maze of stores while I trooped all the way to the 6th floor food court.

Hazzy feeling! Need food!

When Hunger strikes...  one goes all out for food!!!!!!!!!!!

But first it would be important to locate the food court.  It is located on the 6th floor of the main building of Platinum Shopping Plaza.

Once you get there you would need to have one of these.

You would need to go to a coupon counter and give money to avail of this. The card is where they store your balance. The merchants would only use this card and give you a paper detailing how much was deducted and left. I believe this is the same protocol they use along with other food courts of malls in Bangkok.  Don't worry if you have left overs, you could return your card and they would give back the extra.

Yeah not much of a line! Efficient.

After getting that card, off we go to look for different Thai cuisine.

different noodles
rice toppings
More noodles
There are different stalls all around from your vegetarian to your meaty stuff!!! AWESOME!!!
Of course there are hits and misses but what the heck.... we just tried everything.
This was so spicy!!! waaaaaaaaa

Asado is that you?

chicken satay...  tough bread again... =(

eggs and some oysters.. YUM!

AVOID THIS!!!! Too much leaves for me! Spicy sauce!! !! arghhh

Different kind of veggies...  Tasted weird but yummy.. Meat is soft and tender

Tasted like cough syrup.. AVOID!!!

WINNER!!!! Tasted like sago't gulaman.

Different kinds of waffles!!! CHEAP!!! and YUMMY !!! try their different flavors!

Don't ever miss this!!!  Seriously! sticky rice with mangoes. I will kick you if you do!

 I guess it is important to note that the stalls here close at around 7pm. Yes that early right? Well malls close around that time too. A little bit better here in Manila right? ...

Budget around 200 Baht per person. Another tip would be to bring your own water from the hotel or buy it outside. The drinks here cost a lot.

Food Court
Platinum Mall 6th floor
Bangkok, Thailand
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Written by Lovely

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