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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 25, 2013

Here is a photo essay of the different places we have been to. For 2 straight days, we went on tours. The first day was within Bangkok, the second was up north in Ayutthaya. From Ayutthaya, we arrived back in Bangkok via cruise.

in one of those gazebo in the summer palace
The culture is overwhelming. According to the tour guide civilization in this part of the world started recording stuff around 14 century. Cool right? ....

 Ayutthaya used to be the capital of Bangkok. There were many wars staged here not to mention temples that were built and so as different landmarks. The tour we took started really early with pick up at 630 am from the hotel. We rode north for around 1-2 hours.

 First stop Summer Palace.
 note: Do not wear any sleeveless shirts or shorts and even slippers. They don't allow it. Specially in their palaces.

Summer Palace

Their lawn is well taken cared off.

It was great to note that their culture had European influences too.

But mostly, they came from Cambodia,and Myanmar. As we can see in Wat Maha That

During one of those wars, cannon fire hit a statue and this head landed here. After a few years roots started to grow around it.

This temple housed this buddha. This used to be all black. It also had lost its right hand during one of those cannon fires in their war. One of the kings ordered it to be restored and used bronze to cover up the statue.


On the way back to Bangkok, we rode a cruise.

This was around an hour away from the temples in Ayutthaya.

 Of course we were all hungry. Good thing there was buffet on board. Coffee and Tea already included.

 The food was just okay. It would fill up your tummy. Not that delicious though.

 After eating, you could chill along the deck. Don't forget to sunscreen.

 The ride would take around 3 hours. Don't worry you won't feel it.
The grand palace. (when going here please wear proper attire. No shorts, no sleeveless, no slippers for both male and female.)

 In Bangkok, we toured around the place. Believe me you should go here when the weather is not that HOOOOT!!!!! Going here during summer is a wrong move. After 2-3 temples, we gave up going around further because it was just too hot. and yes I got sunburned!!!

When entering the temples, one would be required to remove the shoes. There are places were you could leave them. Suggest you wear socks because the pavement would be scorching hot!
One thing about the Thai's is that they love their King. They have picture of their king everywhere.

Entrance to the ferry ride.

There are a lot of birds around.

Temple of Dawn. This place is large!! You could climb the steps but be careful. That is a long way down!

Near the ferry crossing, there are chips and dried fishes around that are affordable! Really Cheap!

Tuk tuks

Their parliament building.

 You could really see that Thailand has been influenced by their neighboring countries but also by Europeans. But because of how they handle their international relationships centuries ago, they were able to preserve their original identity and religion. They didn't have a hard time following the waves when the time to change came. Although they have their own system of writting and speaking, they adapted to their current situation.

Each place would require a day each to tour.

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  1. I've been wanting to go to Thailand for such a long time. Hopefully I'll go next year. :)

    1. HI!!!! thanks for dropping by :D :D :D Uhm..I would suggest that you go there not during the summer!! awfully hot po!!! Also, the food and the shopping .. OH MY! Everything is so affordable :D :D :D