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Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 18, 2013

It is the season for enjoying and having fun. I mean it is summer right? Although it seems that it is going to be the rainy season soon, we must always live to the fullest and enjoy God's gifts.

One of those gifts is of course are friends. Thankfully, my friends and I got that much needed R and R and time together.

Last Thursday, my friends went all the way to Tagaytay to relax (and to watch Game of Thrones marathon). (sana sa bahay na lang para masnakapahinga ako! HAHA!) We stayed at Hotel Kimberly found inside inside (really inside) Tagaytay.

 This hotel is more of a retreat place for families and friends that want to stay away from the noise and the urban jungle. I believe this has been a go to place for small meetings and team buildings of different companies. When we were there, there was a group of yuppies checking in and were undergoing a sort of corporate planning but it didn't bother us.

Because of its location, you would definitely need a car to access all the tourist attractions and restaurants found in the busy areas. Although public transportation could be used, it is a bit difficult because of the frequency of Jeeps in the area. Tricycles, I believe are readily available.

Reservation was easy. It was also great that they called a day before to check and remind me about the reservation.
from the parking lot
Parking wasn't a problem. The place can accommodate around 40 cars with another 10 parking spaces outside of the enclosure. Plus, security is pretty good because it is gated and can only be accessed through the front area and the place has a lot of lights at night.
Filipino inspired lobby?
 Checking in, their lobby has this relaxing vibe. It wasn't air conditioned but the was place was cool because of the weather. After answering a piece of paper, everything was set.

old tv.. but it served its purpose

yeah they messed it up already!!
When we got to the room, we had a bit of a problem with their DVD player. It was quickly fixed. I actually timed their service. From calling the front desk, a staff arrived within 5 minutes. Great work!
See the card with holes? thats the keycard.. hahaha reminds you of old code machines

Wifi was free and available. It was fast and was present all throughout the hotel area. They had added services available like in room massages which added to the chill factor.

One of most important pet peeve I have would be dirty, inadequate and awful washrooms. I don't like going and staying at places with unacceptable private areas. The washrooms in the hotel was okay. Although there are rooms for improvement, for the price we paid, it wasn't lacking but was not also one of the best.

overhead shower
Hot and cold and strong water pressure present. What I do not like is that there is a shower curtain to get in the shower. Maybe a glass door would suffice or is it because of the limited space?

clean faucet area.. with the toiletries

bidet ... CHECK!
After checking out the room and resting for a bit. We went around the grounds for a little photo op. With my dslr and tripod in tow, well lets just say the girls had a blast playing models and photographers!

Thankfully, I had a remote and a huge space in my memory card. The girl friends went all over the place to take their photos!! Time to seat back and relax (and to get out of the way!!! )

So, us guys went around and looked for other things to do.
There are actually a good number of activities to do in the area itself. The hotel has a small game room which also has 2 treadmills and a stationary bike. The place has a pool table, pingpong table, fooz ball, and an air hockey table. They have 2 pools, which are actually a normals sized and small one for kids. Plus, they have an outdoor activity area which houses the different venues for team building. And yes usage of these facilities is all part of the room rate.

where to play?

and I almost fell

chilling like villains

bought groceries for that after dinner snack / nightcap

goofing around with Mr paper head!!!!

I enjoyed the place but the company of my friends, I enjoyed more. After another sleepless night (with just barely 2 hours of sleep), we were off...

looking forward to new adventures...

Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay
Brgy. Kaybagal, Amadeo Road
Tagaytay City, Philippines
(632) 5211888

how to get there: Coming from either Aguinaldo Highway or from sta rosa, one would turn right once in Tagaytay. When the path diverges into two at a gas station (after Yellow Cab). Take the right road. Go straight until an intersection. Here turn right. After 5-10 minutes on this road, Hotel Kimberly is on the left side.
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