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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I was super duper excited for what was in store for us yesterday afternoon (awhile ago I mean). My friend and I were to join the 1st public run of BGC Eats. It is a food tour within Bonifacio Global City that showcased different awesome restaurants.
Yeah I brought my baby :D

Let's see what happened.

checked if I brought them... LOL
A little drizzle... Meet up place near the The Spa / Nike / Bo concept at 3pm
Our tour guide Sir JJ.

1st stop was Wildflour. The cook and the owner came out and explained a little about using fresh ingredients and the different greens they get to use that were sourced locally.
Not my hand LOL
Bone Marrow and Mango Salsa...Deadly.. The salsa flavor overpowered the bone marrow...I guess I just swallowed everything in ONE WHOLE bite that I forgot to chew and taste the marrow.. LOL!
Bacon tarte flambee- sweet and ohhhh soo cheeesy
Mushroom Tarte Flambee- all veggiesss
Refreshing drink. It has cucumber, lime, and mint. I loved this!
at the first stop...
 The second stop was at Nolita. (click here for my previous visit).
The chef explaining a little about New York pizza. Its characteristics like the crust and it is better when re-heated.
We were given different choices.
This had mushroom and walnuts.
I had the spinach and artichokes.
Their Iced Teas are different because it was brewed in house and only honey was used to have that sweet flavor.
 The 3rd stop was at 2nd's .
Why 2nd's? So that you would ask for more.
Located on the 2nd floor of the building that used to house Mag:Net and is infront/ near Mad for Garlic.

Ms. Nadine with Sir JJ.
Bacon chicharon served with 2 dips. It was crunchyyyyyy!
Eggs Benedict Hamburger. Miniature sized! with spam !! DAMN!
 Last stop was:
OMG!!!!!!! I want to ATTACK!!!
Don't think these are the only bite sized cupcake I got... LOL!
Show me the food!!!!
I got to say this was an epic afternoon. It was all fun and cool! I mean we were able to try out 4 different awesome restaurants. Plus, during the bus rides we had games. I was even able to win a cd LOL! In all fairness, Sir JJ and his crew did a great job in organizing and getting things done. They were asking how we were and even making small talk. The only let down awhile ago was that it rained but the staff were prepared and even offered some umbrellas to use.
So, you want to ask how to get tickets right? ....

I won't tell because I want to horde them all!!! BLEH!!!
Thanks Faye for being my alalay! JOKE!  Will post pics in fb as requested :D

Joke!!! To be able to get tickets one must buy/eat at certain restaurants in Bonifacio High Street. If the receipts reach 1,500 Php, one could get a pair of tickets. All the tickets are for free and aren't for sale. You could only get a pair once a day. It could be claimed in C1 building ground floor at the concierge (near Rolex). This food tour would run every Saturday at 3pm until July 20, 2013. It would be nice to know that the tour goes to different restaurants every week so you can come back for more. For a list of faq's click here.

Disclaimer: I got the tickets to the food tour by buying 3,000 Php worth of food from different restaurants in Bonifacio High Street.

TO the lucky gal (Ms. KB) that got my tickets for the July 13 tour ... this is what I want to say...
(LUCKY YOU! Be thankfull I am going to be in SG on that date!!! YES! I know that you are reading this!and! YOU GOT TICKETS and you are going to enjoy every bit of it!!! ARGH!!!! Say bye bye to your diet! evil! LOL Enjoy!!).
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