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Saturday, June 29, 2013

After doing some chores and driving through heavy traffic, my mom and I decided to eat in The Fort. We eventually saw ourselves infront of CPK, IHOP, Mad for Garlic, Gyu-Kaku, and PF Chang's. Since our tummies were on empty, we just randomly picked a spot between these 5 restos. Mad for Garlic got the lucky toss.

That lunch time, I guess we were a bit early because we were the first customers in. Let's see what we had.

 I had the orange ade (110Php). It was sweet but not too much so. Just right. It reminded me of Zesto with a little punch.
 I got some dracula killer (195Php). It was garlic cloves and anchovies in olive oil topped with cheese.
 The garlic flavor wasn't overpowering. It added another dimension to the usual garlic toast.
 We tried the triple garlic pasta (595 Php). Although we had asked that the heat level be at the minimum, it packed a punch. I can still feel my mouth burning. I loved the flavor. The only problem here would be the octopus. It was really tough. It was hard to bite!
 The garlic snowing pizza (545Php), IMHO, is a dessert. WHY? The flavor of the pizza was candied pineapples. It was really sweet. Although it had garlic chips and shrimps, they were overpowered by the sweet taste. Don't get me wrong. It was tasty and yummy but it is for dessert!
 The Dancing Salsa Rice with Steak (295Php) was a bargain.
 Our server mixed up the plate for us. Although she wasn't really dancing she did it in a scientific and proper way.
 The beef was actually marinated with wine and added to the flavor. Also, it was really soft. My mom and I enjoyed this.
 Of course, weren't able to finish our food so we had the rest to go.

The food selections were okay. Although on the pricey side (what resto in the fort isn't?), I would definitely go back here because of the service and the food presentation. I love that we were served and taken cared of by our waitress. Props to her! By the time we were leaving, the restaurant was becoming full. Good thing we avoided the lunch rush.

Mad For Garlic
Besides IHOP and PF Chang's
W Global Center, 30th Street cor 9th Ave
BGC, Taguig City.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. really liked the crab and lobster pasta, dracula killer and grilled chicken & mushroom risotto. and yes, their mildly spicy is pretty spicy! :)

    1. Opo! I think I was used to the usual way of serving it in Manila that when it is only "mildly spicy", it equates to no heat level!! Hehehe!!! I really burned my lips and my tongue! LOL!