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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Even though it is starting to rain a lot, it sure feels like summer still. Even when the fan is at its max, I still sweat like a pig under this weather.
I needed to cool down.

So one fine afternoon I found myself in Podium and saw something yummy to munch on.

I saw a stall with mochi written all over it. I was a bit curious and tried some to get my tummy to cool down

This particular international store which I believe started in Japan (duh), has a lot of flavors to offer. From local favorites to more exotic Japanese fare.
To play it safe I tried to munch on neutral flavors.
The outer layer had this soft gelatinous feel. Just like the local brand mochiko. I believe the difference would be the inner parts of the snack. Theirs has a more cream like and different texture. Unlike mochiko, they didn't use ice cream flavors inside. Rather, they used cream and of course the ingredient for their base flavor.
 After 15 minutes of defrosting, I first tried the apple pie. The flavor has a cold resemblance to eating apple pie ala mode. It is a perfect snack on the go.
 Cafe au lait on the other hand tasted coffee. The flavor was spot on and was a little heavy and not diluted.
 Japanese sweets deli Mochi Cream would be found on the 5th floor of Podium and has stalls around the metro. You could also see another post about it here

Although a little pricier than mochiko, Mochi Cream is a welcome addition as it serves an array of flavors different from the local brand.
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