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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Being able to travel and to enjoy the company of friends and love ones is important and an integral part of life. So a few months ago, I was down south having a relaxing staycation at an incredible newly built home grown hotel.

The Acacia hotel which sits in the middle of the Festival Mall and the Alabang Town Center, serves as an ideal location to serve the lazy needs of a grown man. It has its own gym, pool, and of course room service.  It has free shuttle service to anywhere in Alabang. It also offers wifi to its guests.
I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights and have found a nice affordable place to stay down south.
This was my experience.

Hallways were brightly lit and well spaced. Elevators needed key cards for access to different floors.
The bed was firm and just right for a good night sleep. 
Needed to call the front desk for additional toothpaste and toothbrush..Small BooBOo
The shower differs from the tub. The toilet had no bidet.. Ack!!!
More tea...and coffee

Somewhat complete.
Has free wifi.. although somewhat slow and difficult to connect to.
Welcome fruits and turn down macaroons.
The view on the 10th floor:

The pool at night...
  After a long tiring day, my companion and I arrived late and found our bed fixed and a letter from the room attendants.
How sweet of them.
For breakfast we headed down to their mezzanine level. It didn't have that wow factor.. but I knew I ate a lot. They differ their offerings for the 2 breakfasts we were there. I believe around 5-6 choices changed.

ham and pancakes.
Muesli.. with lots of nuts...
I got an omelet and of course I hoarded the cheese.
Yeah... that wasn't my plate... MINE WAS A MOUNTAIN>>> LOL!
 Aside from an egg station, they had a lot to offer. From cereals to a different hot and cold viands to breads to dessert to fruit juices and coffee. Needless to say, I was full.

After breakfast with the whole day to spare, we ordered room service. Everything looked fine and the food came within 20 minutes. They even had their own table. Service was all right.
Looks good right? NOT!!! The fries were overly seasoned with salt. The crabs for the bisque were salted too much. The pancit.. well you guessed it... Tasted like SALT!!! .

 Since we were too tired from the night before and that we were still a little full from breakfast, we just let it slide and didn't really eat into our room service that much. For just under 1000 pesos, I believe that it was priced competitively for in room dining but they have to check and fix things up.

For the price we paid, our stay for 3 days and 2 nights was exemplary. Check in took 10 minutes. We were served pandan juice while waiting. Parking was free, safe and underground. I wasn't able to try their free shuttle. Needed help and request came within a few minutes of calling their in house number. I actually enjoyed my stay. I would gladly go back if I had someone to join me... with summer ending, I just don't know who I can get to go with me. BUMMER!!! Oh well..
Good thing about the place was that it was just across some restaurants where one could walk. They had Army Navy and Yellow cab which were open 24/7. Plus it also houses other restos. If you could spend an additional 5min walk, there are a lot of restaurants on the other side too (like kanin club, cafe breton and zong). Enjoy

Acacia Hotel
Commerce St. Alabang
Metro Manila
Oh yeah... uhm.. I think there is something wrong with their scale.. The numbers were showing a different language... LOL

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