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Monday, July 22, 2013

When you think of love, what food goes into your head? Chocolates would be my answer. It not only goes into my head but also pops in my tummy which melts my heart. Since I am really into gooey melty OMG chocolates, C, S and I went all the way to Millenia Walk for dessert.
 Even if we had our late lunch in Chinatown, we traveled far just to get to Millenia Walk. 
It wasn't their idea it was mine
(ako na ang may alam sa pasikot sikot LOL!!!).
Yes, it was definitely worth it!

From the name itself one would really think about something naughty and quite frankly the food makes that connection pretty much clear. It is naughty! LOL!
I agree sir.. I agree
The place isn't really big. Around 4-5 tables only. It was well designed as there are markings on the wall that would definitely coincide with the stuff that you would eat.
 It had the casual cafe vibe.

The cafe mainly sells desserts and sweet cravings. They also offer some coffee to wash down all the sinful treats.
Since my friends and I were still a bit full from our late lunch at Tian Tian (Click here), we only ordered a sort of 3-1inch sin cakes (SGD 10). It was great because we were able to definitely get a small portion for the 3 of us without us technically sharing. LOL!
It was mushy, moist, decadent, rich, and just right with the sweetness. It is definitely a must try for anyone there. 
Of course if you must, you could get their 6 pieces of cakes that would cost around 36 SGD. You could pick from different flavors and enjoy their sinful goodness.  
Sorry about the quality of pictures had to do this ninja style.

Of course when your tummy is happy, you will also be happy. We were all smiles because we definitely enjoyed the dessert.
C, S and I

Now off we go to another adventure. LOL!

3 Inch Sin
taken from their website:

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